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It is intended for Germany, Germany, the main market for the boss’s main cookie

Cocaine, the largest drug in Germany or a general pharmacy. Of course it is
Letters are sent until the start of the operator.

The researchers ordered 17 drugs from the market: opium 10 grams 100 euros, iodine 25 grams
For 11.50 euros, 50 grams of cocaine for 3010 euros. Especially the quality of purchase
Basically, the judge explained the internal investigation of the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Thousands of pages tell us how unusual it is for scientists to become the most addicted to drugs in Germany
Platform. In the name of the chemical revolution, internet interceptors sell many drugs on the internet
amphetamines, cannabis and MDMA, as well as cocaine and heroin. After the investigation, the operator received more than one
Millions of euros.

Transportation only threatens the Internet
You notice that drug trafficking on the Internet has become past and present.
The Federal Criminal Investigation (BKA) says: Currently, the BKA is not
Reliable data up to the level of the crisis have led to this trend. But one thing is clear: before the Crown
Many other drugs are sold and published on the Internet.

Job: Gift certificates
Archives show that this article played an important role in climate change. He returned home with clear instructions.
The screenshots show teenagers carrying bags in front of CDs while carrying suspicious drugs.
Go through the city. Investigators read the suspects and returned the phone. Thus,
One is the tires, the members with the transition to a product. It has two employees:

How to send packages for shipping?

> What do you mean now?

> I’m still in the package, but how can I get out of the package? I want to end here?

> Yes, you must click Submit.

New employees: new families, computer books
According to BKA, most of the drug dealers are young men, computer professionals. Most writers are the same
Young people are different in the industry and not as much as the old writers gathered in the existing network. At least on me
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Everyone thinks of a man over 40 years old. Drug use The attorney general was 27 years of age and older
His name is online. According to investigators, he was in contact with a Dutch man who was transporting drugs.
Researchers have speculated that exporters may be transporting the drug to Germany. Then the smile must be empty. Running
Send the medication to the customer by email or mail and post at the register

These digital pharmacy programs can attract new groups of customers to the pharmacy market, BKA explains. Current number
As a result, they focus on the national economy. Usually, Darknet has close customers
As a result, it provides easy and convenient access to health care for the past business
Merchants always have, for example, at the train station.

Worn tractor
Existing internal documents indicate the completion of the investigation, for example in the case study: Moderator
The chemical revolution came in contact with a friend who also helped start a business. He treats drug addicts who have left
clients. that is
The producers of the chemical revolution did not realize this time: this comfort has been associated with the government for some
Time. So he’s a businessman who passes on his addiction to them, but he’s actually a BCA specialist.
Finally, in an interview with a drug dealer, he wrote:

> Do you want to start a business?

Yes Yes. What do you think?

> So what do you have?

> Many things: herbs, speed, LSD or heroin.

Click here in the first part
The suspect bought the drugs by donating 40 40,000, including a sports bag, to Hamburg’s Ravi Car Park. This should be done
Killing more than a dozen different wines. The investigative team conducted the interview. Before words
Our BKA Privacy Research supports: He’s there. Indeed. This has been a rule for a long time
The participants arrested the accused.

By 2019, all those involved in this chemical change will be replaced. In February Only the organization’s chief executive was
The main reason is that, according to researchers, not everyone is employed by Yoko’s real name. as usually
The government’s official statement to the BKA revealed that the real problem was the silk blend.
Digital Crime Review

So it’s a mistake that digital artists can give them privacy
The first pizza testers managed to find their way to Yoko. In this way, they remove the example of the suspect
The same member was arrested in May 2019.

He and ten other people are accused of trafficking in small amounts. The trial date is still pending.

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