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darknet It is God who thinks
Darknet It is God who thinks

On the dark side, millions of people shop online, and more than 10,000 drugs are sold online.

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The Rights of God
Will Johnson: The cheater came to AARP this week.

The only site I was supposed to record was 171,000, and each site had 171,000
People were there for extraordinary reasons.

I’m from people I don’t know, from people I don’t even care about. I was a very brave man at that time.

Welcome to this Will Johnson episode: Perfect ARP Podcast Schemes. I’m Johnson, right here
My colleague Frank Abinel, a delegate to the AARP Anti-Fraud Network. Frank, how are you doing?
Frank Abignale: Well done, Willie, thank you very much.

Johnson: Frank, if I were a Catch Me series. Have you ever thought about that?
Am I the only one?

Frank Abignale: I don’t think so

Johnson: You can work after 40 years.

Frank Abagnell: Right.

Johnson: Right? I don’t know who will play this role, but I think Leo, Leonardo DiCaprio, can do it.
Because our Mets is a podcast, we want to launch a mission that will talk about the dark network. Dark Web is a website
Drugs, weapons, social security numbers, names. AARP expert Torky Doug Shadel has no experience
In the dark, first visit the network.

Doug Schadell: The Dark Tapka started in the early 2000s and was invented by the US Navy. He tried
, B, Some communication channels for foreign operations for seamless communication. That’s why they make this software
It’s called a bulb rotor, Tor. D-O-R means you have to have access to the dark web, but the criminals will start tomorrow
At the beginning of technological development, say, wait, can you communicate in an unknown way? We’ll try
Of course we want to sell a lot of drugs. Approximately 80% of crimes occur in the dark drug industry
Commercially. All kinds of drugs you can imagine are on the dark side. Buy and sell digitally
False. This is my digital identity and my digital identity, Will. What is a digital identity? Things like your social security
Number, personal data.

Johnson: The Dark Web is always learning how to start, where to work, and how to get there now.
Today we are close to Professor Brett Johnson. Today, many believe that Brett is the founder of the Black Internet. Today,
Brett’s life has changed. FBI, Secret Service. For his angel experience and good people
Private companies are fighting crime.

He sat on the ballet and talked for 90 minutes and it was really nice after chatter.
These are the main points of various events during the show. But Brett had a fantastic story and it helps
A rural view.

Love love love

Johnson: The secret service will call you the real father of the Internet.

Brett Johnson: Good. I’m not proud of the title, but I’m proud of what was said.

Johnson: Brett knows the dark side of a lot of people.

Brett Johnson: Basically it’s just networks and networks. Some people may have sex
What I can tell you above covers it.

Johnson: Hurry up, get close. The effect is that you are looking for the first student
Hero, what should I do if I call him?

Brett Johnson: Yes, yes

Will Johnson: Thieves and bad things.

Brett Johnson: Well, I founded the first Internet criminal community. This is called a dark group
Today, the Dark Net market report is presented, which lays the foundation for the operation of modern cyber attacks

Will Johnson: Brett Johnson grew up in Eastern Kentucky. He described his mother as married
As an adult, he was involved in everything from stealing 108,000 bulldozers to business.
Master per.

The mind. He was abandoned. My sister and I just spent a day together. He leaves it to his father
No, but I’m 10 years old. 9. My mother was there for a few days. We don’t eat at home. And I am
The children are always afraid that the mother will return. You know it. E. Look out, look out the window, go inside
Along the way, you see her walking across the house and on the road, which I am always in shock and fear. Dennis is less than a
year old
9, that is, he is always a crazy kid. He was angry. The last days. One day he went to a power source
House and firewood brought parcel barges. I was like, where are you from? And that’s what I steal. AS.
Now, let me see how.

Will Johnson: Brett says his criminal life started at 10:00.
Buy from.

Brett Johnson: I don’t want anyone to think I’m accusing my parents of their big decision. Last name
My appointment is against the law.

Will Johnson: There’s something to be said for the community. Thanks for your comment, but I like it
This means you do not have a good example and know that you can eat safely. When
There are requirements.

Brett Johnson: No.

Johnson: Do you remember the first one on the computer?

Brett Johnson: My first computer was Texas-TI-994A. I’m 11, it’s mine
This is the best video game machine. Seven, but most important, in the first
Online May 94, 95.

Wilson: Okay, that’s a good question, no, if you connect to the outside world.

Brett Johnson: I was like myself, I was at the computer and with everything. Like it.


Johnson: One of Brett’s first steps was to kill an elephant to catch Banei Babi Gray
The necklace sold for $ 1,500 on eBay. He was engaged in the sale of toys and toys, and in 1996 he graduated
how to install small satellite systems and USB boxes; how the customs value for consumers varies. Brother yes
The world is closely connected with the world of artistic bandits.

Thoughts like ours always ask, of course you are not wise and you could turn them into something real.

Brett Johnson: Yeah.

Johnson: From the beginning. I think you’ve done it lately, but your brain is not involved, is it easy to do it?
If you have a child, you need to take care of it.

. I understand
It was so sad for my parents that my mother wanted to love and keep everything.
He refused to call them, but he did. The boss told him not to hurt our brother.
He still had to do that, but he did. In other words, love never fails. As an adult, that’s my style
I think I did. I don’t want to leave people behind. I do not want to ignore the people who touched me.
He said: it’s time for me to leave, let’s go. I didn’t have to work. M
I’m always happy to leave. I’m an adult
Eventually it will lead. And until I get to the point where I think yes, I’m going to cut people off and try to figure it out. M
I always do my best.

Johnson: If something goes wrong, you can survive.

Brett John Onsen. Especially. I didn’t get a chance, so I stayed there
Let’s see, you’ll never know, because it makes you an online villain.
Protesters gathered. When sharing information on the Internet, do not share it with anyone.
He helped my client break the law.

Is this John Onsen? If so, when will Internet marketing begin? So, finally, you open your first online store. flying
Very far

Brett John Onsen. No, it’s not.

Is this John Onsen? Is the card turned off?

Brett Johnson: Be careful that the offender is another offender.
Then it becomes a company and its nature is professional. So, I’m ninety-nine, 10 – where am I?
Are you saving the e-card seller? So far, Round 97 is my time to cheat. And so on.
This requires a fake ID. I didnt know how to get a fake ID, so I figured out what I had to do online.
The kids give me pictures, I send pictures, I send $ 200 and I send pictures. That will probably surprise me. Sorry. Yeah yeah
I’m looking for someone to give me a certificate. I do not want the clearest observation is the so-called. Internet
A fake library and anyone who sells it is a scam. This is But they held a meeting here
Another uses this, so I want to go for a day and I have to regret working all day.
Keep it unknown. And while I’m here, you two separates. One of them is called Beelzebub, i.e.
The boy is from asphyxis saxin. Alex from Los Angeles

Johnson and your name never enjoy golf?

Barrett Johnson: My name is now “Golem Fun.”

Sean Johnson: Are you coming? Does he lead the speaker?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I’m the son of Roben’s son. Yes that’s me. I realized that Beelzebub and I were reading the data
Let’s talk about creating real documents. One day he sent me a message about ICQ, it was a postal service and that was it, Gollum
I can do with your testimony. And how do you do that? Yes, I did and they sent me. Love,
See, I can give you a gift, but he said no. I paid $ 200. He even said
Because if you want to be in this online business, you have to trust people. And it hurts, I love it
You know, because right now my friend is with people who have already started the site. What can I tell you
We will send you $ 200 to make this screen. So I sent him $ 200, and I sent him my picture, two
A few weeks later, two weeks later, I got this name from Indiana ID Steven Schweck. What Beelzebub has been doing since then
I want to sell ID cards, I have a idea, I want to check out all the products or
Service to join this event. At this point, I fell in love with the site owners and asked:
I can contact the conference and yes, I can. I hosted the event, Beelzebub wants to see all of them
He says you have to do this to understand the product and how it works. You can ask questions you see
You can find out everything in style and how. And I like it, it’s a good idea. And we do it. So I’ll start with that
We only talk to strangers because there is no place in the world.

Will Johnson: I’ll ask. To look up

Brett Johnson: This is the first place and they are clear.

Johnson: So you study the products?

Brett Johnson: Just for the product.

Will Johnson: People came to this site.

Brett Johnson: So if you have a wrong identity, I’ll send you a wrong identity.

Johnson: And is that bad or bad or a legitimate business?

Brett Johnson: How fair is business?

Will Johnson: This is what the clothes are

Brett Johnson: Oh no, no, no.

Johnson: Oh, there’s a cannabis gun for sale.

Brett Johnson: Yes, it’s illegal. And if nothing else, something from chemistry
Control, I’m going to check the yard. The same goes for “credit card or credit card”
It’s something.

SEGUE songs

Will Johnson: Brett has finally teamed up with a group of Ukrainians using the Planet Carder website. they stole
Credit cards and Bretto numbers are guaranteed.

Brett Johnson: That’s why he’s one of our friends; rotate; from there we go to the ship’s staff
Shadow Crew The reality of the latest show is Darknet Market.

Will Johnson: Brett ran the site almost three years ago with 4,000 members.

Brett Johnson: A member who knows what he’s doing can earn $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 a month for a stolen loan.
Cards Buy or edit a product.

Will Johnson: They finally learned how to pack fake magnetic credit cards.
Get money at an ATM. That means a lot of money.

Brett Johnson: We start stealing from 30 to 30,000,000 to 40,000 a month.

Johnson Johnson: You can withdraw a lot of money from an ATM, right?

Brett Johnson a: Bo.

Johnson at Johnson: So you get something, right?

Brian Johnson: Yes, your ticket was redirected to the ATM machine.

Will Johnson: But 2001. Brett began to put pressure on law enforcement.

Suppose you have an SOB by creating what is known as basic theft online or income tax.

Is John Johnson: Put the fat.

Brett Johnson: You know why people pay taxes today.
It can be detected by theft. I was the one who started it. Of course, yes, I know why this is already known. And then
The 2003 flight, flying 160,000 every week.

Will Johnson: You.

Brett Johnson: Do it

Johnson: But are you crazy?

Brett Johnson: I was very scared. I resigned in fear of being sentenced to 30 years in prison

Nonson: So you have to get it right. Are you making more money now?

Brett Johnson: I didn’t do anything like that, I stole a lot of money. Of course, this is due to the misunderstanding
of patrons.
When I was a caregiver, it was about $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 a month. This is a corrupt tax haven and it is jumping. From tax fraud
I steal 000 160,000 a week.

nsonson: You put the money in your bed?

Brett Johnson: Well, that money starts in the pocket. Hence, one of the Ensenport sports bags
Collect and train regularly, this cost about $ 120,000 in the 1920s. I know this is true.
I have it, every 6 minutes I scream to Tax ID, Tax ID will be back on Sunday
Wednesday is 8 hours a day, 200 tax returns per week, so 200 benefits is 80%. I went to work on Thursday
AMA, leave an hour on a Friday morning or an actual Saturday morning. Invest in ATMs,
Last week I didn’t even get 20 ATMs. Return to Sunday; New startup money goes there
The bags started, I had them, this house in Charleston, South Carolina, and I had a husband
Throw in the living room I have it, this room is full of garbage, each bag a million tens


Will Johnson: Leave me alone. He asked if it will come out of this, or perhaps unfortunately.
It takes time, but not debt, but also weapons and drugs?

Brett Johnson: I find the law in Shadow Crew are three rules. These rules do not conflict
No money, no drugs, no pornography. We never had child pornography. Mama drugs or weapons in advance
Mazhar, because we have to work on, Glock or Beretta, work in his factory.
He was able to get rid of weapons without digital power and at the time that they had to buy two thousand twenty.
Begin production of vegetables. As it turns out, second office wants to bring treatment. even some
Workers of all the pictures, the first thing we showed was selling the rest. We had 40,000 people.
Once I got in the excitement, we have customers to sell pot and marijuana and eventually we had Oxycontin

[] Brett is
only one survived, but soon. The law was adopted in 2005.

Brett Johnson: And if you’re in Charleston, South Carolina, you’re going to have a UPS diamond.
Sending money with shipping financing I met the driver on the vehicle, he told me, Eva said my name, I said
You have one package. He sent me a package and reviewed it. I thought it was 23,000,000, and came back.
The FQB and the South Carolina Police Department with Charleston, which have firearms.

The music of today

Will: While living in Prison County, Bretts joined the spy service. His contract is over
Within a few months, the dark arts of the Internet began to be shown to children.

Brett Johnson: I had $ 30 in cash at the end of the day. As soon as the spy left me, I left.
To start tax fraud in a hotel room, contact Walmart and purchase a prepaid debit card.
Spying for 10 months and those 10 months is illegal every day.


ns onson. Tip was thrown in jail. But he soon gave up and broke the law. Go to Las Vegas
then Orlando, the Disney world, where he visits the park almost every day. But he was arrested again and thrown out
sentenced to 60 months in prison.

Brett Joh Onson. Criminals send themselves to these people first, if they have no legal relationship, they say
Send people like me to concentration camps with limited security, you can work outside the prison complex
And that’s right. I quit my job, it took me six weeks and then one day I left again. I have a few
My co-workers sent me a coin, a smart phone, a card ID and a permit. Yes, they come about a hundred miles away.
At the same time, the American marshal is on an all-out attack and I hope many Ukrainians know who will donate some money.
each other. They didn’t. I was arrested and now sent to Texas.

no. You make all the secrets and details.

Brett Johnson: Yeah, you see, I mean, fast hair. I have this big red apple
And so, yes, I don’t think so at this stage.

Johnson: But they see you

Brett Johnson: They do.

Johnson: Brett is back in prison and he’s glad his dad, who you’ve forgotten, is alive.
In Turkey

Bert Johnson: My father-in-law came to your speech in prison, where he arrested me. It is a county jail
10 min drive. He asked me, like, What can I do for you? Sal greeted my sister
Yes he did, he called Dennis, and Dennis, I was in Kentucky, and Dennis was 7 miles north of Carolina, and he said no.
Who and Dennis, trustworthy, got in the car, swam and asked me for 7 hours to see why I loved him 10 times. Yes yes
Actually after my release, I spent six months in prison, and I was sent to a Texas prison, and I cant do that.
At the age of five again. It took me two years to figure out why I was there
Closed and no, not because I want to help with this, but because I chose the theory.

Johnson: Want to see your soul?

Brett Johnson: Yes, you make a lot of money, because prison is painful.
When you are not violent, you have to do something bad. Then the place where you sit
You seem to have done nothing wrong or just blamed and blamed someone else. Im really playing
Recognize what they are doing. Again, I was in 2011 and dont intend to break the law. But then you caught fire
No, the only device you could get out of jail. So, I practiced for three years, I couldnt play
Computer. My only job is to get into the manuscripts and I love it. He received $ 400 in cash
Weeksan did it, and for me, Im not good at it. I did that throughout the season and finished LN.

A museum

Will Johnson: On the way, he met Brett Mitchell and got married, but he returned to work because he was unemployed.
the best.

Brett Johnson: Mitchell is just a worker. He brought money. Oh, I have to do it
That thing. I had to do something. I have to do it and deserve it. I started using a stolen credit card online
I ordered food, was arrested and imprisoned for 10 months. Michelle lives next door to me. already
Be patient and never ask you, never, never, never is there.

Will Johnson: There seems to be something wrong with the last key in prison.
Like Michelle, who never gave up. We recommend that you do the right thing.

Brett Johnson: I’m on LinkedIn. Police Officer for Cybercrime.
Until the time of online scams in Pittsburgh, I did nothing wrong. I sent him the text
It’s Hadal. Hey, I respect everything you do. I thought you did a great job and I appreciate you
I like to do the right things. That guy trusts me.

Will Johnson: Brett gets the parameters he needs to start a new life. The offender will be consulted first.
Write and share what you know on the Dark Web. Where is he today? Discover the secrets of social networks.
Participate in the development of the large website that exists today.

We arrested four thousand members. Last year, on July 5, a website called Alpha Bay was closed on the Dark Web. Once closed
The same website has 21,230 members.

Music corner

Will Johnson: And the first time you think about a guy who’s online, you say he did
Is the first false sale of a hat different from what I see today?

Brett Johnson: No, I don’t think I have another boy. No, no, I’m not the type to call that
Different. I am the last guy. Well, I don’t care about that, it seems like BT doesn’t like me either. Atmosphere
I don’t think I’ll take care of you, but maybe I’ll meet you
The reason is broken because you know I did a lot. There were people I knew, people I didn’t even know
I am not a stranger. I think he was a man of disrespect. I can not say that I am good
I am a human being now but I am a better person but I cannot change it but I can
I do not expect that I am sure your future is a workable solution and nothing more.


Will Johnson: I went back with Frank Abagnal’s agent of the AARP scam. So, many spies and passengers
It will only work on the customer’s name, phone number, credit card etc.
Other than that

Frank Abaniel: When I sell records I always tell people that there are two types of money. In the form of coins
And forms, so the data is silver, and they just put the information on the black web and sell the information
Dark line. The only thing that was done in the conference room was like a rope attached to a mobile car
Share information about it. It is difficult now.

Or what is your bank account number and you are worried oh now it is being sold illegally online, what could it be?
What we do?

Frank Aginella: You know that the idea I talked about and wrote about many times ago does not bother me at all.
I only use credit cards without a direct card, only credit cards, visas, main cards, American Express, search cards. daily
I spend my whole life on credit card debt. I don’t spend my money. My money goes to the money market
To attract interest. Nobody knows where he is because he never told others. I went to the supermarket and used my credit card
I use my credit card to clean people. I was on the plane this morning using my credit card. Now I am
I will do something to protect my number, but if someone gets my number, a million will call me
Cards, my liability in the office is zero. And when I use my credit card and pay an advance or part of it,
Legal recognition has increased, which is why I increase my accreditation. If you have a debit card and use a debit card, it will
appear once
You steal money from a bank account number. And you can use this credit card 10 times in the next 20 years
The days are over and you can’t grow any more. It will always be this way. I only use credit cards. When shopping
There are some things online and they are not. If I buy something that’s broken online, it won’t come back
I make sure that when I enter the web and every site is fake, I order something and never enter. I always say that
Logo, I don’t have to worry about my credit card on the Dark Web because I have no problem with this card.
As long as I notify the credit card company, I am not the one who issued these invoices within 30 days of receipt.
I have no problem with this card.

What about Johnson: Money? Do you spend money

Frank Avgonesi: Ask my bank what an ATM is. I do not need a visa to sign up with a MasterCard. I go out
I don’t think so.

Johnson: Luc.

Frank Abgnel: That’s right.

Johnson: I think it’s the same as before

Frank Abigail: And that’s it. So I told my bank I wanted an ATM card.

Will Nixon: Of course. Use your credit card and take advantage of Frank’s offer and select ATMs for payment.

Frank vaneal: Yes, even if I am honest with you, I can go and I will come back
I like to take money abroad and in cars. I use Visa or MasterCard. They beat me, but not me.
This is a cheaper insurance because no one can access a bank account, they can get into a visa account.

After all, he was very careful. But he thinks he is joining us now.

No music

Will Johnson: Thank you for coming back here.

Jane Baum: Hello my friends, thank you.

Johnson: What party are we planning for you? That’s exactly what Jane Beam says.

Jane Byang: Ah.

Will : Jane Bom has been raped.

Here’s the catch: Yeah, I don’t believe him. I created a Facebook page for the fraud control network, I see scams every
I have a battle.

Johnson: It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. So tell me what happened

I have a debt freezer in my Uh account, a regular lending office and I think everything is fine
One morning I checked my credit card statement and found a two-month payment to find my TransUnion loan. and this
Everyone is at 19.95, and I think I’m sensitive. I think TransUnion Um is just getting started
Give them a ticket, they demand that I check the loan again, so I wonder if they are in the shade.
I was really emotional, I didn’t think so. All I had to do was register 800
Full Credit Card Statement . There I marked my personal profile, a beautiful woman on the phone,
I called, sounded like OHHH, hung up and said the card right away
This is the first attempt I started.

Johnson: Jen Beam is a fake page on Facebook. How do people know more about Jen?

Jen Byam: Follow me on

Will Johnson: Yes, thank you again. Thanks, Frank Abagniel, my messenger.

Frank Abagniel: I think I’m glad to be here. Thanks for letting me know.

Will Johnson: Information and resources to catch you and someone you loved
Go to the AARP Fraud Network website, to commit fraud. Thanks to the team of writers. Julie Gates,
Brock c
The sound effects were developed by Ellis, sound engineers Steve Bartlett and Julio Gonzalez. I will show Johnson for every AARP

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