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It became clear how authorities seized protests in Germany’s largest market

Cocaine, cuttings in Germany or large plants are common. casually
Send a message to the bus driver.

Researchers ordered 17 plants on the market: 10 grams of opium per 100 grams, 25 grams of iodine
For 112.50 euros 50 cups of coconut for 31010 euros. Special plans for the highest level of sales
Investigators are charged by the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Thousands of sites are wondering to try to catch most German traders
Internet. The Internet sells a wide range of online drugs in the name of chemical technology, including
Amphetamine, cannabis and MDMA, but also cocaine and heroin. More than one director was found after the investigation
One million euros

Internet service is not satisfactory
This means that the online internet market has grown in the past and now.
The Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BKA) said: there is currently no BKA
Due to coronary malignancy, this condition is supported by reliable test results. But one thing is clear: for the king,
It is increasingly being sold and published online.

The drugs were sent home for publication
Alcohols play an important role in chemical conversion, especially the compounds. Yes, medicines will also be available on the
premises by mail.
Surveillance footage shows small cats at a mall near DHL breeding stations asking for big boutiques.
City researchers are re-reading the suspect’s phone conversations. So between the two coins
Proponents of chemical flight stop one of them at a rebel station. Both friends said.

> How do I get an office space?

> So what does that mean?

> I am in Mortgage now, but how do I delay the basket? They want to get in here.

> Yes, you need to click Submit.

New members: young, happy, new world
According to KK, digital drug sellers are mainly young people, men and computers. Sometimes, these criminals are always there
This business is new and not integrated with existing networks and traditional lawyers. Even
In part, this looks like a chemical change.

All the accused were men, one of whom was over forty. The leader has the strength and flexibility of a 27 year old pharmacist
Choko called her online. During the course of the investigation, he called the Dutchman and there was evidence.
Investigators believe the service provider is smuggling drugs in Germany. The so-called runner will be announced
Ogs are used to cover and cover
Contact us

The digital drug delivery service is attracting new consumers to the cyber shop
So, the more we engage in the community. Dunnet usually offers a large number of potential customers
Perhaps because of the simplicity of the drug, consumers can apply for previously accepted harm.
For example, traditional buyers are at the train station

Arrest traitor
Existing internal documents provide criminal investigation results: EU Staff Member
The chemical revolution has inspired friends who have helped build businesses. Buyers manage inventory. PSO
The person responsible for the chemical revolution was unknown at the time: these experts have long worked with the government
time. Therefore, he hands over the traitor to a potential drug purchaser, but is actually a BKA secret agent.
Finally, he wrote an interview with a pharmaceutical company:

> Do you want to do business?

>Yes, there is something. You are interested

> What exactly is there?

> Tleor: Grass, Race, LSD or Hero.

Show in the parking lot
Defendants claim they bought marijuana worth 40 40,000 in a bag from Rev Hamburg’s pocket. He had to do it
More than 10 pounds are dry. The researcher listened to the meeting. It’s been a long time
BKA Privacy Guarantee: Well, absolutely bucket. It seems to code because it is temporary
Then another comrade was arrested.

In March 2019, almost all members of the chemical revolution will be removed. Group leaders have been arrested
First, according to investigators, Goku’s real name is not known to all his employees. We ran out of time
Communication and technical anonymity are also identified as a major obstacle by BKA’s follow-up program.
Take a look at digital spending.

In fact, digital defense makes only one small mistake: the chemical leader becomes yours
Open top with pizza crusts. Investigators were able to estimate Goku’s salary. Thus they identified the accused leaders
The group joined him in May 2019.

He and 10 other people were charged with drug trafficking. The trial date is pending.

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