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Invitations and events used in Google Calendar attacks

darknet Invitations and events used in Google Calendar attacks
Darknet Invitations and events used in Google Calendar attacks

Updated to 2019 July 18

As researchers, they use invitations and events on the Google Calendar as bundled apps.

Simple machines: shake hands and
Calendar invitation and host URL, t.
Users send Gmail or G Suite email addresses. The market value of the phone.
Gmail automatically adds what happens to your calendar and notifies people
And pop-ups in paper. When people click on the link, they return to the fraudulent page
Or malware can fix it. People’s coming
Google Apps Google Calendar is reliable, you can use it
Talking to them with the Gmail spam filter is different
write on it.

Investigator Kas Perspersky said cybercriminals sent unwanted calls to the calendar.
Maria Virgilis, in a recent blog post
The invitation will appear on the cell phone spy and the recipient will be asked to click on the link. maintenance
For example, websites designed to impress you with the importance of accessing their credit card information and other
Give the person directly.

Scientists from Kaspersky have found examples of misconceptions.
Users and information for which you have received cash gifts
Or you have money in your name

Neman Hart, designer of digital clouds
He told SC Media UK that the reports showed a broader trend: an attack
Here, too, consumer safety is fundamental to prudence.
Software. In this case, Google wants to force us
Look out for something when they ask for an answer when we get an answer.
Call scheduling seems like a normal arrangement for everyone.
Today’s news and announcements require everyone’s knowledge
Back Imagine how difficult it would be if you were accompanied by a stranger.
Do you always ask offensive questions?

Users need to check how the application works.
We have a standard way of reporting where the configuration should be limited
All of this has the added benefit of improving work and life.
Being balanced and always reducing the stress of participation is true.
Your smart device needs damage.
Sleep and well-being

This was proved by Boris Tsipot, Chief Insurance Technician at Synopsys.
Caution is advised, although a reliable plan is required:
Search for any emails, in which case you have received an invitation
If you find it funny, bad, or ridiculous, ask the person who sent the invitation.
If you are actually posting, don’t click on either the link to the links or plugins.
For false identification of false messages: misspelled words
Translation, large URLs, etc. Is it better to remove them in case of doubt?
Kaspersky points out that automation is not your friend in some cases.
Therefore, do not allow the calendar application to automatically include invitations.
However, the calendar should appear and add differently
Identity fraud

Google has notified Google of its Terms of Service
Our product policy prohibits the production of hazardous material
We partner with services focusing on their proper management
Cursing. Fighting spam is not a last resort and we can win
Well, sometimes you get spam.

To protect our users from spam:
We investigate fraudulent content to remove spam and make it accessible to users
Also report spam, calendar, forms, Google Drive, and Photos
Spammer for Hangouts. Besides, we are here
Security means notifying the user of a known malicious intent
Show URLs that use Google Chrome Safe Browsing Necklace.

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