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Interview with Testosteb owner Criticism Barost

darknet Interview with Testosteb owner Criticism Barost
Darknet Interview with Testosteb owner Criticism Barost

In an interview with Deeepdotweb, owner Talo Purihara interviewed Israel News Agency yesterday
Cover. During the conversation, he did not appeal the accusations and said that if illegal goods were needed, they were not
He wanted to make a mistake, but he did.

Interview with Prikali lawyer Nick Kaufmann in a French prison
Delivery to the United States. The interview was published by the Jewish newspaper Ediot Ahronoth.
[The integrated translation of the interview is:

Now that the FBI has arrested Tarprikar, they believe they are hitting.
For example, Amazon, dangerous drugs, weapons, pirated credit cards, etc. Price for those who want to purchase.
Or just express, methamphetamine and machine gun. By the way, he and his partner received $15 million. But from him
In a prison cell, Precard tells a completely different story. Without me, all of these clients could be dead.

District Attorney Scott Brady was particularly proud of the program. This is an important function of law enforcement
Dark socialization, he pointed out. This is the first time seized illegal market infrastructure
Dangerous medicines are sold in the dark. At the Pennsylvania court, Attorney Brad testified:
A difficult place with a central door on a dark grid. According to the indictment, the safety of the city was secured
Everyone has heroin, crystals,
Rifles, malware, broken credit cards. Look, enjoy it!
I will go on a trip. American intelligence agencies can hide 10 grams
Target Crystal ($470), Heroin 3.5g ($82.38), Coke 10g ($480), 2 Credit Card Jokes ($37.80), Payment
A program that blocks a computer from attack until the computer owner agrees to pay $82.38.

And again comes the company Darknet in Israel, founded and managed by Israel. Senior Toll, 33 years old
Farrar was waiting for a performance in the United States. The prison is one of the most difficult prisons in the city.
In a special seven-day interview in Paris this week, Frihar answered questions from his lawyer, Nick.
Kafaman not only blamed him, but vice versa. He always saved lives. I don’t know where
Other crimes are also committed during the arrest or detention of a person. Our goal is to do
It prevents violations of human freedom and the economy and seeks to stabilize physical and mental health. Not so good
No matter who we are, knowledge forces them to do what they want.

Intervention: Why buy a gun somewhere? Or a drug dealer who uses your website
And sell to a 13-year-old dead man?

Prahar: Obviously, we don’t ask. There are no tools or medications. So if there are people who want to buy weapons and then kill
People still buy or take medication. We look in the middle and explain how we can use the index (
Dracant NIS is generally safe, secure, toxic and stolen as well
The treated area did not harm its users. We do not recommend this either
. We do not support advertising or marketing activities to promote illegal websites or products
Each other.

In this world, information is available to everyone. Like WhatsApp, Telegraph, Vicker, Signal or Messenger
Facebook and others offer a view in both directions for anyone who wants to keep it private.
Business or stressful situations; But the same encryption can be used by drug traffickers, weapons and human traffickers.
Terrorists. Do nothing, technology is here today. I have no doubt about that
Without this knowledge, many people would die from drug overdoses. By the way, not always
Most: 99% of game dealers are FBI agents, and anyone trying to buy a weapon should do so.
He took.

Interview comment:

For many years, the Darknet has been an advanced global market for drugs, weapons, prostitution and criminal networks.
In terrorist organizations Unlike all popular WWW websites, social media and similar open websites
The Darknet allows for intimate identification, allows you to control it through many dangerous and dangerous places.
Hackers and underground. It is published by the Darknet browser and is named after a specific website (called Onion).
Address). It is very difficult to find someone with no online experience and try to buy medicines.
Weapons or prostitution
In business, you are a victim of fraud, viral fraud, theft or branding
But he knocked on the door. And what comes from Tal Perer et al., Michael Fann, 34
In the picture: they created a unique platform called Deptwit, which acts as a marketing portal.
The Deep dot Web contains direct links to your transaction websites, information, notes and photographs. US See Dr. Perer
Ventura companies, almost anyone can enter the Darnet crime market and do anything (and sell).

As a guide, all this is wrong: the seller receives the referral on the arrival time page.
Partial payment rates went to Bitcoin and revenues ranged from 0.5 to 15.5 million.

Perer does not refuse to adjust the status quo, but honestly says: me? I only provide connection. What people have
I am not responsible for buying or creating a website. And if so, the other side is their cry, their action
Prevent drug traffickers from taking poison or stealing it online. There is no standard in the world for this
The person who accused us answered our question for the first time from his inner prison.
French and without that, you dont think it would be a crime if you did something. Broken
Public entrepreneurs

Moderator: Do you have an ethical guide for setting website loads?

Prichar: What are the moral challenges? Tell them to update and protect people
Do they know about their business? They have saved the site and banned thousands from registering
Shut down one thing and buy poison from people who gave it to another. You have saved millions of people who know about the site
Who stole the money? Moral issues? Getting Started. Ugs cushions are not advertised. The spring
As an information hospital.

He is 38 years old, married and has four children. He said he was young
Using technology, they are responsible for building, understanding, dismantling, assembling, developing and playing. At the age of
After seeing Ada quickly (due to asthma), she emigrated to England and discovered two worlds online.
Parents. After three years of consolidation, he returned to Israel and became a local Internet
market champion. He is a successful blogger,
interviewing professional magazines and lecturing to interested parties.
How do I use it?
What Google is doing to promote Internet sales or your site are not rivals.

Interpreter: So what’s the point of building a landing site in the darknet?

Preparation: As an Internet market person, I look for things that are not clean and then the opportunity arises.
The development of ignorance. So I created a website that I didnt decide what to do: a place of pleasure? Bi? How are you?
I started different things while growing up in all sorts of related media. Yes at the same time
User tools used to determine the type of content that provides the most noise and traffic (network traffic and users)
Nishcom). And then the revelation came: the story about Darknet first surfaced and I saw its need

Questioner: What does it mean?

Reminder: What? People want information about the dark side? So give them good news. This is the highest rate of fasting since
The event of great darkness to add a false theme. I found that people also respond to what they write
Almost every week for my little test. The issue has been reported in major media outlets like CNN, Forbes, Weird and TechCrunch.
In fact, the whole set of my son is the only one that downloads the Thor app, I asked at the event.
Interests and job priorities.

The next step is to create a user guide, which Prahar describes as part of the Darknet Guide. Prahar: I think if
Buying on Darknet, they need information: how to stay safe, how to get bitcoins, which software to use navigation
Internet recommendations for such services and so on. I know whats interesting and whats interesting about traffic. KAMA
The site is now a force to be reckoned in the dark, as simple as no one has ever been.

Enlightenment is part of the solution. But building a website on a website takes investment, skill, and. required
The right place at the right time.
The website displays a list of websites that are downgraded based on usage and classification of people, including real-time.
The only resource in the world
Surprisingly, the only place publishers return to Black Websites is to host their site. It’s great, no.
As a result, the site became a shopping mall. There are also problems
Maybe, of course, “websites” and “information websites”.

Interview: How did you become famous and who is a tourist?

Walker: I didn’t say anything. We are a tracking site that serves all online partners:
More information will be available at this site upon request from the FBI.
Interpol and beyond. Communication, staff. About half a million or more a month. The more people search the Google page, the more
it grows
Visit discussion forums, social media links, or other sites.

Complaining America, everything is going well. He sent millions using the site.
The market worth millions of dollars, including the sale of the drug.
Fentanyl (analyst of a strong NMS), carfentanil (medicine is very effective and allowed for medical use only). For example,
Anesthesia for the first operation of horses and mules (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, weapons, including guns, bacteria and
Computer theft, financial information and theft of numbers.

Interviewer Opinion:

It has worked well in the past and is a gateway to Darknet for travelers around the world. The biggest
The black market is Alpha Bay Market, which supplies drugs, anti-HIV, viruses, weapons, toxic chemicals and more. The end
Police say it ended in July 2017, but prosecutors say about a quarter of the deal has been completed.
Created with reference to Freire website. Another market, Hanza Market, Heroin, Cooking,
Fraud and counterfeiting services and so on. It was also shut down in 2017-2017 when complaints said it had about 198,000 users
From her Deep Day website. The project is alleged to have been sent to Israeli, Georgian and Lithuanian banks through counterfeit
Representatives of the Pennsylvania FBI who founded the company began to focus on relationships with residents in several states.
Caffeine, methamphetamine, ALD and many more are deep web foods.

A special unit of intelligence and intelligence agencies was set up under the name CODE J.
The work took place on Darknet. According to FPI expert Robert Jones, websites like Deep Dot Web are a global threat.
The purpose of a demonstration research project is to send a message to observers that they are dangerous.
Area. U.S. prosecutors have blamed the attackers and fans, especially on money laundering.

Americans have issued an international arrest warrant for Perver and his girlfriend. Fan was arrested in Israel and later
His lawyer, Joren Barsey, has been indicting him for six days, so there is nothing wrong with that.
Oder Surinder Stratters, who lives in Brazil, returned to Easter from a visit to the country.
At Charles de Gaulle Airport. Suddenly, four French police officers were arrested
He tied her up with his wife and children and waited for her to leave. I took out my wife’s purse
He said it was wrong and since then life has ended as far as I know.

Deepdotweb Attack Alert [DeepDotWeb web screen.
Arrested by the FBI Q: Did you know you had an extradition request?

Prihar: No, I know the investigation is ongoing, I know they are negotiating with me on the server. Their investigation is over.
Like the elephants in the shops in China. A year before my arrest, I was informed of everything.
This will happen. But the truth is, in general, I’m not even sure if I’ve committed a crime.
Harassment is full of inaccuracies, lies, misunderstandings and even extremes. I will quote at the end.
Upcoming legal actions

Question: You are said to receive a $ 15 million fee on all transactions made through you.

Prihar: No money. Prices quoted for using links on illegal websites completely deceive, only me.
Link to these pages And all this creative imagination, which we will talk about later. We do not sell or buy from
I. Users use the links that appear with us to make purchases on the Site and we will pay for the purchases we receive.
Rate This is the main problem: collusion against money laundering. They don’t sell drugs, they don’t have weapons, no.
Otherwise, this is your explanation that supports the claim.

Interviewee: What should you do with the seller?

Exception: Contrary to the beliefs of many, the party has never agreed to accept bribes. This feature is a technical requirement
It includes parameters of safety, reliability and minor losses. We don’t have a contract, we need it: we meet.
Low security measures, try not to steal, avoid selling harmful content to anyone, pay attention to comments
Don’t pretend unnecessarily.

Interviewer: Did you not interrupt the party? Is it heaven?

Parker: We’re not buying. We offer people who create projects for their satisfaction and money in the market.
Heaven does not exist. Only ten of the hundreds of other charges against us.
The site we are claiming is not made with coupons, at least the index is in heaven, no doubt about it.
This site does not sell sponsored callable items. A full (technical) overview of the available product is available.
Always for product maintenance and fees. Nobody found the legal and illegal factors or what we found.
We don’t agree to posting without ads or for any other reason, so we took that into account.
Without a doubt, the most trusted site in the region.

Q: Why did you end up with all the money?

Prada: What does money mean? There are many different websites for social media and Bitcoin
Bitcoin VPN money is used from this or other sites I have visited
Bank. And he paid all the taxes above. A little money was taken from me
Another lawyer.

Q: It is said that you sold the money to the Israelites.

Who says we can hide anything in Israel? We have work to do
He has worked in the Israeli market for years. Money sent from Israel pays taxes
To receive it all, our people do not judge for Israel, there is no problem in the life of our country.

Interview: One of the complainants, DipWeb, also warned against several judicial institutions.
Darknet is taking over. The statement is a misconception for us to report in an active form.
Farhar said it was a big black color and he brought it to us.

Remember: The theme we offer is the same all over the world
News agencies themselves use it. We added something too. Do you stay alert?
He tries to force each of us to know secretly from public actions and by force.
Legal control is deceptive which is the goal of darkness and never will be.

Interview: How are you?

Ferrer: Who can keep him? We just need to pay. No need when it comes
In the computer editor. Six year old chains are available on the site. Now the question arises?
In our mind, forget us, the inspiration of a business begins. Against the beliefs of many
There is pride in learning. Because we do not think it is a crime if something has happened that is not hidden inside
They want to kill us, we have to decide when.

Question: FBI agents buy drugs, etc. Through their websites.

Parkhar: You did not tell me. He bought it from a site I have no connection to. Sadly or not, this is true.


Priscilla, 40, of Paris, has been sentenced to six months in prison. He is in prison
Cold History: Many French rebels steal British knowledge during Nazi occupation
Hold the cake inside, it is called prakhar. Most people live in an area of about 4.5 square meters
Up to 20 people per day for three people. Decorate my camera with lots of pictures and photos of a murderer or Nazi diocesan.
The rooms are in blood cells, my blood is full, my head is black.
There are many cases of tuberculosis and tuberculosis. I am anti-Semitic, I am lonely, sad and depressed
Family protection During my imprisonment, a witch doctor shouted: We still have money, we are Jews.
Show me a French poster for me and all the immigrants
Terrorists. No Israelite leader has come to me since my arrest. The common saying of Chabad is that the door is open to applause
Thank the Jews for all the food and service. In the aftermath of the half-hour violence, the groups stood in front of security
They pay attention, so we approach. If you sit in the truck waiting for them to attack, this is very dangerous.
Stress is funny.

Reporter: What did you learn from this experience?

Purihar: I am sorry that there has been a lot of money between me and Michael for many years.
Come back to us. Dersim is that the tax seems to be the enemy of cities.
Even before human rights were abolished and their children abolished and this plan was put in place. Scaring me
I missed a lot of this information. I am very happy with my heart

Attorney Nick Kaufman, lawyer. Attorney Thel Purihar: application for deportation to be heard in court in Paris

Attorney Iron Barzilai, Attorney Michael Fans: My client has no questions about his position in the United States.
Lets. He was released later after Israel’s investigation into the case.

These talks ended here, but no regrets. I think he will be released from prison
The United States has not declined. We fully support all the sponsors of the RednetStats group, Tal Prahar and his family and we
want them to be released.
The accusations made in prison are baseless and unfounded. To do this he has to go to prison
The best officers. It needs to stop.


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