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Interview with Deepdotweb by Bard by Bar

darknet Interview with Deepdotweb by Bard by Bar
Darknet Interview with Deepdotweb by Bard by Bar

The owner of Deeepdotwebe Tal Prahar gave an interview to Israeli news agencies yesterday
During the interview, he did not admit guilt and said he would not report it if anyone else did.
It does not matter if he wants to do bad things.

The interview was conducted by Prahara’s lawyer Nick Coffman in a current French prison.
Edition in the USA. The interview in Hebrew was published by the Jewish newspaper Ibiot Aharonoth
[This is a translation of an uncut conversation for you.

When the FBI arrested Tal Prahara, he thought he had fired a hard blow at the dark net.
Dangerous substances, weapons, credit cards, etc., such as those from Amazon or those who want to buy them
Just point out a glass target and a machine gun. Along the way, he and his partner raised $ 15 million. but himself
Prjors said a completely different version: without me, all customers would die.

Attorney Scott Brady is very proud of that change. This is the most important law enforcement service
Darknet knows, he explained. This is the first prison for illegal infrastructure
Hazardous substances are sold online in the Darknet network. Prosecution of Brady Attorney in Pennsylvania Court:
A complex place called the main gateway to the dark web. They reported that the site is secure
Connect to some of Darknet’s largest underground markets to make it easy and safe to buy heroin and crystals.
Weapons containing malware, malware and credit cards were destroyed. Pay here for a package of drugs or weapons
It happened
On the road. The lawsuit claims, for example, that FBI agents will be able to order 10 grams through this joint venture.
Coin Crystal ($ 470), 3.5 grams of heroin ($ 82.38), 10 grams of wood ($ 480), two damaged credit cards ($ 37.80) and payment
The software is locked until computer owners agree to pay $ 82.38.

And another story is about the Darknet Gateway in Israel, installed and running. Tal is the oldest, 38 years old
Meanwhile, Prihar is awaiting deportation from the United States to prison, one of the most detention centers in France.
Paris. In a seven-day interview this week, Prihar answered a question to Nick’s lawyer.
Kaufman. He not only committed another crime, but it is the opposite. He saved my life forever. I do not know
Some crimes were committed because I wrote or published. Our goal is to
prevent crime in the area of human and financial rights and try to reduce physical and mental harm. Nothing about us
the knowledge to convince or force them to do needed or better things, independent of us.

Q: But what to do, how do you buy a gun? Even drug dealers use your site
and selling a 14-year-old dead boy?

Prihar: Yes: we are not requesting a request. They are not weapons as medicine. So if anyone buys a gun, kill it
Someone buying a drug is made up without it. We are just a storehouse that explains how to use signals (
The nickname (Legal Business website in Darcant NIS), is very secure from danger, poison and theft, and
a list of names that in our view are harmless to those who choose to use it. We do not announce further
We do not place advertisements or place advertisements on non-official sites.
each other.

In today’s world, information is accessible to all. Sounds like WhatsApp, Telegram, Wicker, Token as Messenger
Facebook lsp. He keeps it a secret until the end and then gives his name to anyone who wants to keep it a secret
difficult social or governance; but it can be applied to medicines, weapons, human trafficking and human trafficking
Terrorists, I have nothing but modern technology. I think
Without the internet, most people would die from drugs bought online. And other than that, it’s nothing
Maximum: 99% of Rednet Firearms Dealers are FBI agents, and those who want to buy firearms are there in advance.

Journalist views:

For years, the Darknet has been an international hub for drugs, weapons, ammunition and criminals.
And terrorist groups. This is different from other open source websites that have all the popular WWW sites on the internet
The Darknet also agrees with nicknames and sees them in a wild and dangerous environment
Fans and men of the world. Find the Darknet by TOR (TOR) and enter the actual number (pronounced onion)
Postal code). If you want to buy medicine, high quality nurses will have difficulty accessing the internet.
Weapons or evil
In the store you can find scams, thefts, scams, current or credit points
The best door to close your house, and then your door. . So was Tal Prikhar and his 34-year-old friend Michael Fan
In the picture: He builds an altar called DotWeb Jin, which is marketed on the Darknet.
This site has links, descriptions, updates and statistics on the DeepDatWeb. U.S. Judge Prikhar Lawn
During this tour, anyone can enter the Darknetes market and buy (sell) everything that belongs to them.

According to the court, all this is not possible: Prikhar and sellers who receive notifications from paid websites
Pay once. Payments will be transferred to Bitcoin and revenue.5 is estimated at 15.5 million.

Prihar did not allow the existence of the website, he made an important statement: I? I’ll give you the link. What a red
Buying and activating online is not my job. If so, on the contrary, you are doing your job
Prevent slaves from becoming slaves and stealing from the internet. This situation does not exist in this world
Prikhar’s lawyer answered questions about the arrest warrant.
Outside of France, we do not consider it a crime. a
He’s just a salesman.

Interview: Are there any problems with the services listed on the site?

Strike: Mental problems and what exactly? Provide information created to keep people connected and safe
Do you know about the work they do? The site has saved thousands of people from their ads and prevented them from doing so.
It buys poisons from one carrier and sends them to another carrier. He has saved millions of people who know the example
Do not tell anyone that their money has been stolen. So is the issue worth it? Not only that. The drug was not advertised. Or so
These are databases.

He is 38 years old, married with four children and educated in Malwood and Kfar Rosim. According to him, it came from childhood
Creating, understanding, shooting, planning, developing, and attracting strategies and interactions through play. 20 years later
After a short career with the National Corps (due to asthma), he moved to the UK, where he explored the world of the Internet.
And religion. After three years of reconciliation, he returned to Israel and became a member of the Aing government. Create a
successful blog, your interview is taken in a medical journal, read the audience you want to know
How to use it
What sells online and what happens to your Google site, not to your competitors.

Q: How do I set up a page on Darknet?

Prehar: As an employer, I need a special place where it is not defined yet and there is no opportunity.
Gather the body. So I created a page that I hadnt chosen yet, what would it be: a comic page? Plan? The story? The blog
I started writing different types of content as I advertised in various related media. At the same time, I did it
Use search tools to identify the types of products that generate lightning and traffic (Internet and users)
NIS). Then I left: I started bringing Darknet notes and saw the need here
That one.

Q: What does this mean?

Note: People like Tornet? That is why it is important to get information from there. At first, it was a high point
Darknet uses another blood name. I have found that people respond to every aspect of my writing
Almost every week, on my research page, it was reported by radio companies such as CNN, Forbes, Strange and TechCrunch.
Instead, the only place I stayed was to download streaming software and test forums.
Text and interest are awesome.

The next step is to create a guide, a piece that Pete Darknet described as part of the lesson. Look: I wonder if that’s the case
When shopping on Darknet, they should explain: how to get security, how to get bitcoin, how to swim
All house advice and much more. I was curious, no more cars. These are
In the dark, the site became famous because no one was there.

Party sorting is easy. Turning a website into a car requires investment and expertise.
Good place like time.
The website provides a functional list of obscure websites, categorizes them according to user confidence and ratings, and tracks
them directly.
This program is the only resource in the world
Darknet publishers prefer to be the only place that directs a website to the host. Well, it doesn’t exist.
In the end, the site focused on fitness marketing, which surpassed all expected results. There was a call
Probably a news website and news service.

Interviewer: How well do you know yourself as a surfer?

Strike: We didn’t post anything. A website that serves everyone in the dark who is interested in us:
Law enforcement is often interested in buying, selling, and claiming information on a website.
Interpol and others. Conversation, staff. Every month, millions or more people search Google sites and others come
Use links to sites on forums, social networks or other platforms.

Several factors have been described in the United States that exacerbate the situation. Defendants have sued hundreds of users
Billions of dollars have been shut down in the market for transactions involving the purchase of illegal drugs.
Fentanyl (severe NMS analgesic), carbendazim (veterinary approved drug only). For example
Elephants and horses (pre-surgical instability), cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, guns, viruses and guns.
Unauthorized access, theft of financial information and credit card numbers.

Interview details

For a while, it worked very well, and DeepDotWeb was the gateway to networks around the world. One of the most important
In the dark, Alpha Bay Market is a market, with drugs, counterfeit labels, viruses, tools, toxic chemicals and so on. This offer. Sit down
Judges changed in July 2017, but published about a quarter of the case.
Download the Freihars website. Another market, Hanza Market, ewoyin, ff,
Frauds, fraudulent services and more. The case was filed in 2017 after it was reported to have almost 198,000 users
Go to the DeepDotWeb page. The money is believed to have been defrauded by fraudulent associations of Israeli banks, Georgia and
FBI investors from the FBI. Agents are beginning to see how many locals have been ordered through the links
DeepDotWeb, Meta, Aldi and many others offer cocaine.

Prepared for confidential pages and special police operations (CODE J)
Darknet is working, the system is ready. Robert Jones reported special FBI threats around the world on websites like DeepDotWeb
Look at the ax. This action sends a message while spying on drivers
Sit. US lawyers have filed high-quality lawsuits against Pridehar and Fan.

The Americans issued a world order for Fan and Prahara. The supporter seized Israel and set him free
Six days. His lawyer, Jeron Barsilay, said the trial against him had already begun.
Take the procedure. Prahars, who lives in Brazil, stopped for Easter to return home.
Let’s meet again at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Recently, four French police officers
He was being held by his wife and son and is awaiting release from custody. Leave my wife’s bag, me
It was really unusual, and when I met them, life was over.

DipdotWeb download information
Interview with the FBI: Don’t know you have a transfer order?

Prekhar: No. I know there was an investigation and they told me about the server. His research instead was
Like an elephant in a Chinese shop. A year before my arrest, I was warned by several factors.
He is coming. But the truth is, we usually don’t know we have committed a crime.
The indictment is full of errors, lies and carries the weight of everything that goes beyond all rules. Ask in the same way
The legal process depends.

RC: Please note that we charge 1 million for each transaction.

Prekhar: There were no numbers. To use links from illegal websites, the number listed here is a complete lie. We are helpless
These pages have links. Everything is a productive dream and it seems clear. We do not sell or sell
We are People have used the links we have created to make purchases on the website. We are committed to buying it
Wet. It’s all a crime: money laundering conspiracy. No medicine, no weapons, nothing to sell. Everything
Otherwise the description is incorrect.

Interviewer: How do you deal with entrepreneurs?

Prahar: Contrary to what he said, the site has not yet received a bribe or agreed to buy a list of websites. Technical
requirements and
Includes safety options, reliability and minimal damage. We are not talking. Our request is as follows: to join
Low safety standards, don’t try to steal, avoid selling things that hurt someone, take note of comments and
Don’t make unnecessary drama.

Interviewer: And you didn’t get a coupon from there? Heaven?

Prahar: We have no sales. We sell to people who create projects to bring people joy and money. Website
He is not in heaven. That’s not true. The protest claims only affect ten websites with hundreds of other indicators.
Websites that we do not disclose are generated by coupons. Of course somehow that index is in heaven,
If you want to call it quits. The site does not sell sponsored items. All (technical) product reviews you provide
Keep this product and don’t pay. You can find legal and illegal reasons and you can find anyone who can tell you that we can
We need to declare something that we do not agree to go without money or others and that leads us that way
This is the most trusted website in the field and there is no doubt about it.

Interviewer: What do you do with all this money?

Parher: At what stage? The website explores completely different types of legitimate trading: Bitcoin gambling networks,
Unknown VPN software, bitcoin exchange, all payments made on this site or any other authenticated site
Bangiga. And you pay enough. I have money left over, and maybe Americans hope to buy it or leave

Interviewer: You have to deposit money in foreign and Israeli accounts.

Parher: Who said and where to say that we are illegitimate children of Israel? We already have a company
He worked in business in Israel for several years. All money is stored in Israel and paid for
Everything is legal, and we are not to blame for Israel, and have no information about our country of residence.

Interviewer: One of the allegations is that DeepDotWeb also warned about various police activities.
Darknet Office. If we say we are informing the authorities, that is a bad statement
black represents us as criminals, Freihar said.

Prikhar: It is true that we reported it after it appeared, like all other internet networks in the world.
The information was made public by the police themselves. We added a name Should I be careful?
We apparently did not try to have confidential information about the government’s work that we published in the pub.
perhaps at the expense of the legislators’ position, it was just a scam not to offend, just a bad moment.

Speak Prikhar just before the arrest [Prikhar just before the arrest Interview: How did you find yourself?

Prikhar: I do not know how they are created and what they mean. Just pay. It does not matter when it comes to relationships
comb group. The coordinator has been on site for six years. The question is, why have you decided now
ethyl. In my opinion, the beginning is to harmonize the business with the idea they want to create, ie.
the study has no convincing evidence. Since we are not sure if there is a license, there is nothing hidden behind it
he will take us away from him. We have to decide when.

Interview: FBI agents buy drugs through your website.

Warning: the agent did not buy from me. Buy me a linked site. Unfortunately, no, this is true.


Pricker Francis has been in prison for six months and traveled 40 minutes from Paris. This is a prison
Interesting facts: During the Nazi occupation, many French demonstrators and British secret agents were arrested.
He was arrested there. The situation is nothing else, said his girlfriend. The size fits in a room of 3 to 4.5 square meters
Time method. Three people 20 hours a day. My camera is decorated with many pictures and images condemned by ISIS.
The Jewish chambers were full of vampires, my entire body was covered with vampires and the courtyard was square.
There are many cases of tuberculosis and disease. Here I deal with feelings of insecurity, loneliness, sadness and anxiety
Concern for the family. When I was arrested, I was shot by a police officer: I stole another Jew who was taking money
I’m going back to the bar with France
Threats. No Israeli officer has visited me since I was arrested. The most obvious thing here is the smart Salih wearing the
Food and activities of non-Jews. This happened to prison guards because the torture lasted about half an hour
They were a burden to us and covered us even more. Heavy arrows in the visual area await an emotional attack.
The stress is unbearable.

Question: What did you learn from this picture?

Friher: Please keep people making a lot of money for me and Michael for many years to come.
Just roll your back. The lesson I learned was that the justice system works in parallel with hard work.
They ignored the rights of the people and their children, filed a petition recently and continued the hearing the only thing they
I always needed it. I believe it is a good product for cleaning.

Attorney Nick Kaufman, Av. Judge Tal Freiher: The question of service will be discussed in this court in Paris.

Attorney Yaron Belgieri, Michael Attorney: My lawyer in the United States has never been asked about his money.
payment. He also wins the investigation of these cases in Israel.

The debate ended here, but the attack did not stop. We pray for his release from prison and his return
Denying cooperation. The Darkins are fully supportive of his defense, defending him to Tal Pal Parhar, his family and Tadai.
The allegations against him are baseless. If it were his people, he would be imprisoned
Great mafia. Requires cold ASAP.

John Marsh and the Darkest Group

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