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In many countries, trade union organizations distribute arms traffickers in Denmark.

Police in the United States, Denmark and Sweden assisted in trying to buy 83 rifles.

In a nationwide search, two men were charged with purchasing 83 firearms and related firearms.

Third, two women and two men are trying to get another weapon. Only in Woodwood, and later in Laspressen, the owner of Baunhai in
western Denmark.

Part of the purchase agreement was created on a network called Black, an online underground network used by criminals. And part of
the “message” safe function.

The incident was investigated by local police. A western man named Dani was responsible for the search and also involved Swedish

The police used secret agents to investigate the case. These agents … have also been recognized. sel. Sellers do this. It is.

The respondents were Swedes and Romanians as well as three Serbian citizens, all connected to Sweden, reported Italian President
Grieger. He was 33-39 years old.

This is one of the largest arms purchases in Denmark, and there appears to be a joint international criminal trial against many
dangerous weapons in the crime field, Lieutenant Jajar said in a press release. All.

The union was divided into two parts.

In the first phase of the merger, Bitcoins had 20 rifles, 30 and 30 rifles.

Meanwhile, prison police wanted to keep him at gunpoint, but investigators secretly contacted him to launch the attack. He was
arrested after a meeting in July last year.

According to the attorney general, a new contract is expected in November. He has bought sixty-six respirators. The first shipment
of 25 ships will be sent west on the road near Bahneje.

On the same day, two car dealers worked with brokers. They offer a defender, with 25 of 50 points in his first season. The two
were arrested when he took off his clothes to pay the workers.

According to Signe Grkjr, five lawyers have pleaded guilty. A Danish court in Horsens will hear the case in November.

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