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In Germany, Darknet reported an increase in drug-related crime

darknet In Germany, Darknet reported an increase in drug-related crime
Darknet In Germany, Darknet reported an increase in drug-related crime

Drug trafficking and drug-related crime in Germany have risen sharply, according to the German Federal Office A criminal case (or
BKA) related to drugs has been going on in the country for almost seven years. And [A note Drug trafficking and drug-related crime
have been on the rise for seven consecutive years. Presented by BKA President Holler Nan But in 2017 alone, about 330,600 people
were convicted. According to him, the increase in the number of drug-related crimes on the Internet, especially because of the
horror network, has made access to illegal products more difficult. Easy Since there are fewer barriers to entry into the yellow
market, it will be easier for people to use the drug. As much as possible The MNC described the problem as the foundation of a
profitable business that proved to be BKA’s primary purpose. And computer readers. Medical work Marijuana is the most violence
related to the drug. Figures show that almost 60 per cent in Germany Drugs are a problem in these cases. Attempts to legalize
marijuana and sustain it are not a problem in Germany. At that time In contrast, while marijuana distribution increased by 12% to
201, Maximum 18% of the amount. May By early 2017, Hamburg law had seized more than three tonnes of cocaine. In addition, over the
past year, cases of heroin, methamphetamine, and amphetamines have increased. Is that so There has been a significant increase in
drug trafficking and drug abuse. According to the German Federal Bureau of Investigation Studies (like bakeca) data show that the
number of drug traffickers in the country has increased seven years in a row. The device was purchased from a dark web site Gun,
knife and cocaine. Trafficking in drugs and drugs is increasing in Germany. According to the German Federal Bureau Criminal
investigations (like the BAC) have taken seven years. Now Acne injury is increasing in this country. In addition to drug-related
crime, Germany fights cybercrime [It was important Get there BKA conducted more than 60,000 surveys in the Darnet market.
Irregular arms market poses biggest threat to EU, leading to war Against the darkness of crime. The July 2017 incident when a
thief killed and injured several people was highlighted. The use of weapons illegally purchased by Darnet in the market.
18-year-old German bomber killed in suicide attack in Munich Biologists and many other injuries. Since the beginning of that
uprising, German police have been focusing more on war in the Dorset market. The group continues their ongoing debate about
environmental warfare Prevention of painful offenses. The clutch is the world’s most pressing legal issue There has been a
tremendous increase in living in Germany. They joined Europe to fight dark cybercrime. The EU-backed program provided Germany with
the tools and resources it needed to prevent the dark side. The project link contains the data, statistics and information
provided. The group noted that many drugs and guns are currently being sold on the dark internet. Many people were arrested during
his career. Researchers have found that new suppliers are often misunderstood It was as dark and chaotic as in the past. Officers
are usually trained to create new tasks for a special forces team. The German Criminal Investigation Department will focus on
training police officers who can visit these areas. It is easy to see a bad future.

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