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In court, Alphab Vander Pharma Master says he helped people

darknet In court, Alphab Vander Pharma Master says he helped people
Darknet In court, Alphab Vander Pharma Master says he helped people

The prosecutor calls Aaron Sham Shah
A multi-million dollar drug episode costing hundreds of thousands of dollars
An opioid drug is a potentially fatal in a Utah neighborhood

Moemo testified in court Tuesday and tarnished his image
The role of the government in the actions for which at least one is to blame
He died from an overdose.

He said that his friends were also involved in a fake trade
Oxycodone is said to increase and help people take medications
You have to earn money for yourself and your friends.

A clean and tidy eBay employee mentioned seeing it
Letters from grateful clients that the doctors said they refused
Stop taking the medication. People also said they are not insured
He had to pay more than the drug price in the legal market.

From a positive point of view, 29-year-old Shamu admits that this was a successful case.

The process, he said, began with another sale that was officially underway
The drug is prescribed and shared with friends for many years

Shamamo said his roommate and friend Drew Crandall was absent
The idea is to stop the drug Xanax. Crandall asked later
Tracking drug trafficking and money laundering.

A friend suggested mistaking oxycodone for fentanyl.

At that moment, no one shouted for him to stop. All is well
His name says. It’s happier to have someone than my own
It’s a little big. I had no idea.

Accuses his mother of working in a criminal enterprise, selling alcohol and other information.

The judges said he went on a trip and recalled a bat he received from a fake fentanyl related to oxanthodium. They said
The drugs he sold caused more than one side effect of the drug and could be linked to many people with opioid problems in the
Fentanyl Disease

Attorney Michael Gad said his mother obeyed during the trial
More than a million dollars was accumulated on the shelf of the drawer, which was almost hidden
$ 500,000 more than his parents’ wallet in Arizona.

According to Gaddy, Shimmo traveled to California, Las Vegas and Porto
Rico and his friends bought a bottle from the company and got the medicine
Making clothes

You write notes on your computer about Shamu
On January 1, 2016, he said:
The rich and the poor love it.

Samos told the letter that he wanted to do what he had to do
Will help you move forward, striving for improvement
Enter the password.

Prosecutors say Shamu sold fentanyl online from China
Then mix the filling and press the flowers
A friend, Jonathan Luke Paz, has been charged in the case.

About eight million rounds of ammunition were sold during the operation, officials said.

Tables can be sold in popular black stores
The Red Web in the pharmacy is another well-known internet
Special browsers and often used for illegal activity.

Shemo said the party was using drugs but it happened
A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The other day, I didn’t know much about alcohol at first
He was arrested two years ago.

They do not see waves from anyone or anything
Family, he lamented about the witnesses. If I can see
The war was terrible.

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