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In addition to the many child pornography sites in France, it is called the largest child pornography site

* Supposedly, the alleged child created the porn site porn
Investigators and men were arrested in Bordeaux (France) in the 1940s
Oh, a girl under 18 for violence and sexual abuse

French police have arrested a man identified as one of the top 10 physical objects for sexual assault.

City officials who arrested the 40-year-old man managed several black pedophilia websites.
July 7 in Bordeaux, southeastern France.

The victim raped a 15-year-old boy and a man.

Bordeaux Attorney Frederic Portori: one of the top 10 goals for internet users
Tens of thousands of Internet users around the world have access to pornography or child pornography

Helps in drawing or drawing a picture of a child.

Investigators were able to locate the suspects with the help of Europol.

An individual can access a porn site by using a special program to view users.
The accusations were justified.

Bordeaux judge Frederick Porto Tori said the suspect worked hard to have children.
Pictures and videos

After the surgery, he was charged with juvenile rape and
Porto said he is 15 years old.

He added that the suspect was found guilty on charges of

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