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Huntington Beach Darknet merchants sentenced to 15 years in prison

darknet Huntington Beach Darknet merchants sentenced to 15 years in prison
Darknet Huntington Beach Darknet merchants sentenced to 15 years in prison

A 65-year-old man from Huntington Beach, a drug dealer and the boy’s father, was sentenced to life in prison on the Dark Web.
Thursday – The role of the federal lawyer in the United States called the ring “methamphetamine” for 15 years.

Prosecutors say William Thomas Grener III was sentenced to at least 10 years in prison without parole.

In March, a federal agent said he had created them.
The package contains 121.4 grams of methamphetamine from Los Angeles
FedEx and Cypress Post local mail from January 19
And court documents.

March 14 Border crossing
Duffel bag with white material weighing 3 kg
The government is no longer at a distance. The body is digital
Weight, disposable plastic packaging, virgin plastic sticks, soft rubber gloves, everything
Distribution equivalent and marked as a delivery package
The medications are based on the options offered by the Vilnius department
Home security detective.

On June 6, a Santa Ana jury found the two guilty of murder.
Countries are trying to distribute methamphetamine to people
The court showed that the residence was distributing drugs.

Galner’s son, William IV. Garner Bailey, 34, of Irwin, was charged with 17 counts of methamphetamine.

They are
Young Garner has admitted to drug use
It has been published by many providers and emailed to Dark Web customers
The U.S. Attorney’s Office reports to mail and shipping services.

They are
Garner, an adult, was arrested as part of an investigation into his children.
Activities. According to him, the work was an announcement about the distribution of methamphetamine.

Young Gellner was sentenced on May 4. He also represented many lives, including a 10-year suspension
Federal prison.

Full text from USAAO

Huntington Beach, California, was convicted of a crime and sentenced to 200 months in prison.
Father and son smuggle medals in one of the largest black markets in the world.

William Thomas Gelner III, 60, was arrested against Judge A. David Ok Carter and said Gelner had found him.
He sentenced him and spent his entire life in federal prison.

After four days of indictment, sheriffs’ deputies sent Glenner to three counts of methamphetamine in June. Maaka
Based on the evidence presented at the time of the investigation, Mirmptetamine and Demetet were released to the newsroom. YES
Glenner and his car released a warning light on March 1. It weighed over 1.4 kg (1.1 pounds).

The word darnet refers to personal computers that run the internet and provide information to others by providing access.
Products sell goods and services as transferable drugs.

His son William Thomas Glanner IV was recognized as an integral part of the AKA proposal in the dark.
Billy, 34, of Irvine, said he had pleaded guilty to drug trafficking on Dec. 17 for selling drugs and allegedly distributing
Thlain Glenner is a drug addict who works to free his children from methamphetamine.

Glanner IV admitted that he used three people to bury his real name in a dark place.
Through the Tor Darknet Browser, over 1500 controls are sold

Kleiner IV confirmed that he brought the drug from a variety of sources and sent it to local retailers.
Use services such as the United States Post Office and trade representatives. At home a
On March 2.5 (5.5 lbs), his car returned methamphetamine and court records to lawmakers.
Your website. Pure IV is a component of this methamphetamine

Kleiner will be found guilty on November 4 and will serve a minimum of 10 years.
Most lawyers are in prisons rather than inmates and inmates.

The case is being investigated by the US Customs and Immigration Services, the National Security Agency and the United States.
Services on the Service. Help with research such as the La Habra Department of Commerce and the Costa Mesa Department of Commerce
One Beta Administrator, One Card Editor and North Dakota Drug County Management Workforce. It will prevent it
This is done in partnership with the OCDEF.

One case was raised by former Deputy Attorney General of Bonnet Kathy Yu and a global drug abuser,
Finance and savings management.

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