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How to make your own onion website?

darknet How to make your own onion website?
Darknet How to make your own onion website?

You want to think about the hidden .onion page.

How does the internet work?
You can create a .onion page that you can hide in a few minutes, read the full text and start translating.
Now open the .onion item

Step 1 Serum Lamp Server

[PhotoStep 2. Fast
install and start installing the server, remember to choose a new one if you want to run your WordPress site
PHP version 7.2 can be installed after installing the Wamp server or you can change it to prevent a DDoS attack.
see MySQL servers.

Step 3. Now check that the server is working properly. Type localhost files in your browser and click Enter.

If you see this in your browser when you log in to Localhost, the white retailer works fine.

[Only 4 years
Create a website or create a new website at C: \ wamp64 \ www

Step 5. Download the Tor Guide from the official website [

Browser Abuse

Step 6. Configure the file system to allow .onion access

[Your name
Open the way up or down.

C: Game Users \ Evening Table \ Br Columner Ser \ Br Secrets \ Tor Line Stats

Open the expansion file in the note and add the next line to the expansion file

# Confidential service

HiddenServiceDir C: Users \ jatin \ tor_services

HiddenServicePort 80

After adding these lines, make sure you create a Torx service folder in the same user directory.
C: \ Users \ username / tor_service

The cc file is as follows
This article should protect the log file near you
So the file looks like this
The numerical essay for history
# Secret Service

HiddenServiceDir / root / tor_service

HiddenServicePort 80

The final step. Restart your Tour Browser and install the tool you created in the last C menu: Used Users \ Username \

Open the client file in Notepad

[.Union domain name
You can now open your website in Tour Search.

If you need help with Tour Web or something similar, go to the Reddit Forum or Reddit forum.
Contact us via links or comments below.



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