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How to create your own website?

darknet How to create your own website?
Darknet How to create your own website?

I think there is still a secret place.

What is money?
Create your own secret .onion website in minutes. To do this, you need to read and start the script.
.onion site.


[imageStep 2. No start
If you plan to have your WordPress website ready when you start installing Vampserver, select it
Installing vampserver activates PHP 7.2. Or you can change it to enable and remember DDoS attacks.
Check the MySQL server.

Step 3. Check if Vampserver succeeded. Type localhost in your browser and press Enter.

If you see the same thing in your browser once you have logged in to the browser, WizardService will work effectively.

[4. You get it
Go to the site and add your site or create a new C: \ wamp64 \ www

Step 5. Download the Tor Browser from the official website [

Close the web browser.

Step 6. Now edit the Torcc file and find your .onion network

[From the username
Close the side of the road or open your hand.

C: Users \ Username \ Desktop \ Tor Browser \ Browser \ Tor Browser \ Data \ Tor

Open the torque file in the memory file and add the next torque

# Belief

HiddenServiceDir C: user \ jatin \ tor_service

HiddenServicePort 80

After adding these lines, don’t forget to create a list file named tor_service
A. Users / Doors / Services

Original file
You need more than luck to succeed in a joint venture.
[Looks like a file
Add these fonts and use the installation code
# Privacy Services

Datasets / source / tor_s service

Confidential Service 120

The final step. Restart Tor and go to the file created in the last step C: \ Users \ Name \ Tor_Service.

Open the computer name

[.Nion domain name
You can then open this page in the Tor browser.

If you need help navigating the Turin website or something similar, go to the Reddit forum or the Reddit Tor forum
Contact us using the link or comment below.



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