How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets?

How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets? 1

On our website we will provide you with the largest and simplest textbook. Teach you how to work safely on the deep Internet. Our instructions make it easy to install the software.


First thing before buying medicines on the deep Internet, download the necessary software.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used through a simple software application on your computer or mobile device to encrypt all your internet traffic and falsify your location. By using VPN, no one will ever know what you ‘re reading, downloading online.

The most important advantage is that it hides the use of the TOR browser.
Without a VPN, the government and ISP can report that you are using Tor because of its unique signature. With VPN, it will look like you ‘re working from home, like millions of other people working remotely from home accessing their companies “network (VPN primary use).

Using a VPN will point to your non-real location. This is especially important if the Tor repeater has been compromised to search for users on the darknet (was done previously).

Tor Browser

Deep chain stores are not available as regular sites. They are accessed through the Tor network. Tor (or The Lick Router) is software that allows anonymous browsing of the Internet. It routes the connection through a network consisting of multiple Tor servers. When you use Tor, the ISP won ‘t be able to see what you ‘re doing online. However, if they look at your traffic, they ‘ll know you ‘re using it.

To access stores, you ‘ll need to use Tor. To prevent detection of the server ‘s IP address and location, markets receive a level of anonymity from the Tor network and are configured to be accessed only through it. Instead of a top-level domain of a regular website like .com or, Tor hidden services have a .onion top-level domain

Read our tutorials How to access TOR sites? It ‘ll take you a few minutes.

The Markets

A very important step is choosing a shop to check in. There are many markets, you can use them to buy medicines online – what you choose depends on you. Although, not all will currently be open for registration.

We will expand two types of markets:

List of dark clean markets
Dark Net Markets Comparison Chart
These links can also be found to check markets/suppliers. And check their status on the sidebar of our website.


At Tor Browser, click the Bow link on the market and you ‘ll get to the registration page. Filling in the registration form is no different from any rough site. We recommend that you use a profile name that doesn ‘t look like your real name. It is important to use different credentials for each market and store.


Most markets need a security pin. You ‘ll need a PIN when you pay. It cannot be restored, so write it down in a safe place. Not when you store it on your computer.

Example for a registration page:

How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets? 2

Your Profile

Prices displayed on the site can be in US dollars or BTC (Bitcoin). Most markets will allow you to go to your profile page and install it in your country ‘s currency.

How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets? 3


If you want to buy drugs online, which one are you interested in buying? Navigate to the product category, and then select the desired heading. Let ‘s look at the examples on different sites:

How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets? 4

Products – Domestic

Do you want to buy from your country? Ordering goods (buying medicines online) domestically is the safest option.

Ordering in other countries is riskier because it means the product has to go through customs where it can be seized, which can lead to you becoming an object for police officers.

Why could your package be seized? This may be because the seller you bought from has raised some suspicion in the past and has been spotted, or because the product was not covertly sealed and packaged enough. Having a supplier with good “anonymity” is very important to you.

Products – FE

FE means early completion. It means that instead of payment of goods after it was sent or delivered to you, you pay earlier. Sometimes it works, many were deceived. After payment, the sellers do not respond.

Find a vendor that’s right for you

Each seller has feedback. You can read them before you buy them. Select the best seller.

Find your provider ‘s name on Google, as well as feedback on forums and reddit
When ordering internationally, carefully review the product page and supplier profile page and make sure that the supplier delivers the goods to your country and what their return terms are in case of failed deliveries and non-receipt of the goods.

Once you ‘ve found a good seller, you ‘ll need to top up your wallet to pay for the item.

Валюта, которю будем исопользовать- BTC (Bitcoin).

Take the easy steps of buying Bitcoin online using the .com LocalBitcoins.


Go to Local Bitcoins and register. As in the market, use information that doesn ‘t belong to you.

How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets? 5

You may not use Tor to register. The way to buy Bitcoin is very simple, you need to select a seller and request a purchase. You will receive an invoice to pay. When you and the seller agree that the purchase has passed, the funds will be charged and you will receive Bitcoin in your Bitcoins wallet.

Next step:

You select a merchant to purchase.
Specify the amount (Send Trade Request)
A message containing the invoice with the reference code appears on the website.
Pay using your bank, cash, paypal, or any method the seller uses.
Return to the purchase page and mark the payment as complete.
The seller will confirm that they have received the money, then you will receive Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet.

From the LocalBitcoins wallet to the market wallet

When Bitcoin arrives on your wallet on the site, you must transfer the money to your market account.

Tumbling (optional)

If you directly transfer money to your account, you ‘ll be able to publicly track the transaction.

Although it ‘s safe and anonymous. Some people create extra anonymity and transfer the amount in parts.

Tumbling: What is it?

Tumbling is a form of laundering that breaks the public bond between you and your Bitcoin. It works by transferring your money to a site where the total amount is broken down into small pieces, and in turn receiving, in another wallet, several separate transfers, which together add up to the same amount in which you invest. Transfers are credited at different times.

Your Bitcoin will move from one wallet to another on the market.

For example, Bitcoin Blender (bitblendervrfkzr.onion/) and Helix by Grams (does not exist at this time).

Tumbling: Commission

Split fees will be a few percent of the transferred amount, and market fees will be a few percent of your purchase amount. In addition, Bitcoin transactions are faster if fees are attached to them. But it is worth considering that transactions can take several days if they do not have fees. How much do I need to transfer to support? Depending on what percentage of the cost of services and the market takes the market, most people will transfer 5 to 15 percent to be safe.

Return to market and see the BTC price of the product you want
Counting fees and deciding on a higher amount – this will be the total amount of your transfer

Tumbling: LocalBitcoins to BitBlender

Find the reference to the TOR Bitcoin Blender (bitblendervrfkzr.onion/). Go through it to register.
Go to Deposit
You will see 26-35 characters “deposit address”
Go back to your btc wallets.
Insert Bitcoin Blender address as Bitcoin receiving address
Enter the transfer amount and submit.

Tumbling: BitBlender to the market

You can look like a Bitcoin and Bitcoin Blender wallet to see when the operation is complete. Everything is very convenient.

Keep in mind, each operation is treated with a different amount of time.

1.When you did everything, on Bitcoin Blender go to “Withdrawal”
2.Next, enter the transfer amount
3.In the Address List section, enter the address of the wallet to be translated.
4.Go back to the market and go to your btc wallet. Find the address and copy it
5.Enter the copied address and submit.
A few minutes and it ‘s ready.

Just expecting revenue from Bitcoin Blender.
We shop with pleasure.

Public Key Encryption

Each time you order or send a message from the seller, this information will be stored in the market database. The market server can be hacked or captured by police and you don ‘t want your private messages with sensitive data (such as your name and address) anyone has seen. These messages may also be visible to a user who has access to a computer or merchant account. For anonymous communication we advise to use encryption.

Our Easy PGP Guide for Newcomers Gpg4usb

Go to your profile, enter your public key, and save it. If the seller wants to send you a personal message, they ‘ll just go to your profile and get your public key.

Buying Drugs! (or whatever else)

You have funds on your wallet and encryption is set up.

However, before making a purchase, go and double-check the product page and vendor profile page. Make sure you understand their instructions, such as they send to your country or city or require FE.

Buying: Encrypting your name and address

We now encrypt your name and address with the provider ‘s public key. The vendor generally assigns a name and address format, although they mostly have the same standard format, example:

Molly Patte
235 Beats Street
Los Angeles CA 01378

Check multiple times before encrypting your name and address
Copy the vendor public key, import it into the PGP program, and encrypt the name and address.
Copy the encrypted name and address to your device ‘s clipboard.


1.You can buy now or add an item to your shopping cart.

How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets? 6

After you see the delivery section Insert your encrypted name and address into it, this is an example from a specific market, but it works almost the same for all markets and stores:

How To Buy Drugs Online From DarknetMarkets? 7

1.Submit the order

When an order is executed, it will go through a number of statuses, such as “processing” or “waiting,” transit, “and” shipping. ” It may be “rejected” or “canceled,” perhaps because the seller only sells more feedback to buyers, or perhaps because your name and address were formatted incorrectly or the seller did not have the right colliery.

If you have decided the IP, you can use the option to release the funds.

Receiving: no problems?

I really hope you get your delivery. Hopefully the supplier used good anonymity and the delivery will look like any other regular mail. Open it and find the product.

Check it out and make sure you ‘ve been sent everything you ordered. If there are no problems, return to the market and go to the order page of the received product. Here you complete your payment by releasing funds from escrow (unless you chose FE).

Receiving: Feedback

Leave feedback about working with the seller. Select the appropriate valuation and leave a message with reference to the delivery. This will help other customers make their choices.

Receiving: Something’s wrong

If you have problems with the order.
Typically, the problem with the order will be an honest error, and the seller will return the money to you or send you a new package.

If you see that the provider is not working and is not trying to correct the error, you can open a dispute. A dispute will be created between you, the moderator and the vendor. Don ‘t worry, there will always be a solution!

To do this, go to the page and select a dispute option. Stay calm and emotionless and the problem will be fixed. Before you say anything, remember that the seller has your name and address.

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