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How to build your own website

darknet How to build your own website
Darknet How to build your own website

Make sure you have a secret .onion site.

Take a look at the actual bulb channel
You can create your own .onion website in minutes, all you have to do is read the entire section and start creating it.
Now on that Federal website

Step 1. Download the WAMP server first

[imageStep 2. No command
Install and start installing Wamp Server. Remember if you plan to run a WordPress site, choose the last site
Install PHP 7.2 or install when installing a vamp server, or you can change it later to move to DDoS attack and don’t forget.
See MySQL server.

Step 3. Now check if the vamp server is running. Enter your browser status and press “Enter.”

If you install something in the browser after printing it, vpServer works perfectly.

[4. I would like to
Create a website and add a website or C: \ vamp64 \ vvv

Step 5. Download the browser from the official website [

The browser closes.

Step 6. Now change the original file for the domain. on your

[Your name
Open road or open manually

C: \ Services \ Username \ Desktop \ Press Browser \ Browser \ TorBrowser \

Open the grid file in the notebook and add a row next to the original file.

# Secret Service

Ohled was a service provider: user \ jatin \ tour_service

Holland ServiceSport 80

After adding these lines, make sure to create the tor_services directory in the filename directory
C: \ User \ username / tor_service

[Copies of a file are the same
No TORCC show Uttar Pradesh.
Add text elsewhere, if not more
# secret Service

HiddenServiceDir / root / tor_service

Siri Servicepart 80

The last step is to restart the Tor browser and go to the directory created in section C: \ users \ users \.

Open the name in the notebook

[. A name for your field
You can now visit the site in Tor browser.

If you want to host a Tor site or something similar on the Reddit Forum or Reddit Forum
Contact us via the following link or comment.



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