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Hackers earned $ 32,000 in 7 days by correcting cryptocurrency errors

darknet Hackers earned $ 32,000 in 7 days by correcting cryptocurrency errors
Darknet Hackers earned $ 32,000 in 7 days by correcting cryptocurrency errors

Updated July 1, 201

A group of white-hat hackers are busy identifying and intercepting cryptocurrencies
According to the latest hardware report, hackers for a legitimate reason
It earned approximately 32,150 services in seven days
Block business block.

The best known customers of these hackers are EOS, TRON, Coinbase and Brave. There are 15 branches
Get help from such hats with white hats. Several hackers have been hired since March 28. Until May 1
These companies, the report said.

According to information, Omias has hired hackers in the past
Correction of cryptocurrency errors. On the other hand, only Coinbase is needed
Cryptocurrency repair. Agur and Brave Software have hired three hackers
Errors in fixing cryptocurrencies every time, Chenlink, Cobinhood.
Moniro and Electronic demanded second class status.

Blockchain companies have to pay the most
Company based in Thailand. This includes most public users
McDonald’s, Pizza and King Power. In October 2018, the foundations of Omius were approved
A company called 31 Vents. He invested in the war to help Japan.

The actual cost of correcting cryptocurrency errors depends on the severity of the individual
It is used. The BlockOn and Authentic account costs $ 10,000
In the service of hackers.

The deal is another cryptocurrency in the world
In response, hackers allegedly stole 7,000 bitcoins from them.
In dollar terms: 55 55 million. He’s a hacker
Theft is vulnerable. The reason for this is the company
It offers a bonus of 100,000 to upgrade the most common applications
Weaknesses of the system.

The power of the blockchain is honest
Michael Turpin, CEO and President and CEO of Transformers Group, stole 24 to 24 million cryptocurrencies
[Turpin reports a few years ago
Hackers can gain access
Personal information that protects AT&T employees
At the time of writing, Turpin had more than 30 users
Explain these types of AT&T attacks.

Another cryptocurrency, called cryptopia, is almost exhausted
[CEE Atrium
Sikkim attacked in January. In addition, the company carried out another attack of stolen traffic jams on Ethereum and IRC20.
Hundreds of millions of dollars are directed to target the worst cryptocurrency.

The covert operation is worth millions of dollars
Lost. Therefore, it can be assumed that white mink stripes are needed
The only thing that comes back are hidden mistakes.

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