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Gunman is accused in Munich of buying a weapon from the dark web

darknet Gunman is accused in Munich of buying a weapon from the dark web
Darknet Gunman is accused in Munich of buying a weapon from the dark web

David Ali Sonboli, who died in Munich, is believed to have sold a Glock 17 gun at the same time to the black net.

According to German police, eighteen-year-old men were armed with a shotgun that killed nine people
He disappeared as if in Slovakia.

Police have confirmed that Sonboli demanded money from the man who provided the money and sold it to the McDonalds Mall using
counterfeit products.
Facebook account.

Users, especially teenagers, are friends at their school.

Investigator Robert Heimberger said Sonboli attended a school in Winnenden and took a picture.
As part of the plan.

Reports also say he wants to play FPS shooters, including Counter-Strike.

However, the authorities are not aware of the possibility of criminal control.
Treatment of depression for two months of 2015. Become a mental patient.

Sonboli was reportedly the victim of numerous police investigations that claimed that Sonboli was opposed.
Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik.

Meanwhile, the German media is making an effort to ban the embarrassment of its online and Bitcoin partners in Munich.

German news agencies have claimed it.
To connect

In the end, most of the terrorist attacks took place in Germany, and the worst was the Munich shooting.

Judicial enforcement agencies after killing or assaulting with live weapons.

The original report linked dark weapons to websites, but the study was not completed and should be noted
There is no compelling evidence linking the terrorist attack to the encryption or the Bitcoin site.

This rumor sparked a new debate over whether the German government should continue to ban cryptocurrency.

Many politicians believe it is bitcoin that causes anonymity.

By now Bitcoins were linked to terrorism and aggression.

According to a new report by the British Parliament, ISIL has claimed responsibility for the massacre in Munich.
The link between Bitcoin and ISIS.

The development also did not force the German government to fully review its weapons in the EU after Munich’s firing.
Teenagers can successfully purchase a Glock gun and fight 300 bombs through the darkness of darkness.

Given Germany’s strict gun laws, young people are unlikely to own guns.

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said Germany would continue to pass weapons laws.

He called for the implementation of European Union policies.

However, he said the first step was to find out how well the gunmen in Munich had weapons.

There is debate about the application of universal law, but today the law is different in each country.
Tell me.

Also, no one with a history of mental illness or criminal record has a firearms license.

Although the Slovak law is very strict, there are concerns about arms control in the country.

It is believed that the Paris attack has been used in recent years to buy weapons from Slovakia.

Belgium is also a source of illegal arms sales in Europe.

The weapons are believed to have been used in November. Terrorist attacks took place in Paris, Belgium.

If Sonboli buys a dark weapon, the dark side will restore it.

Illegal activities such as rabbits, cars, and open goods take place in the dark.

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