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Great phone for privacy and security

darknet Great phone for privacy and security
Darknet Great phone for privacy and security

Although there are many phones on the market, you can usually find this option well. Add in the form
Information, pricing, privacy and security are important to 2018 because your information is often dangerous and easily
Third party

Compared to Android, iOS is a relatively secure platform due to its privacy and security policy, but it is not the only one.
It is also expensive and does not allow you to customize the settings as you wish. Choose the one you want
There are so many options to choose from, brands. So here is a list of the most popular and accurate
Access to calls

* [This is a complete guide
Smartphone information that provides high levels of privacy and security for iOS and Android operating systems.

Happy New Year

ModelFeaturePricingBlackflix KEYoneFingerprint fingerprint scanner, full encryption, Windows encryption $ 499
Background $ 999 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint scanner, iPhone functional identifier, file encryption.
Encrypted, Google Pixel fingerprint scanner $ 2950, text input, hardware storage
[Where there are a lot of smartphones
In the market, you can put yourself at risk with your options.

BlackBerry phones were the first choice for business long before the advent of iOS and Android apps.
Q. BlackBerry KEYone demonstrates the best operating system and security updates. That’s right
KEYone is a converter for finding the best privacy and security. TCL has material protection
Kernel allows you to use all popular Android apps.

* A reliable call every time you start work.
Makes the Linux kernel waterproof.
* Password based on TCL document.


* No shapes or alternative formats.
* He seems more professional, and he doesn’t like young people.

Apple iPhone X
It will not return when you decide to use IOS. Apple provides a good connection for a secure and demanding user
Experience exactly how many Apple customers are loyal to the product
The company offers the latest solutions quickly
Because iPhone X has control over your phone’s hardware. The recent face recognition service is creating the iPhone
X phones are hard to break and most Apple devices run the latest version of iOS
Apple’s operating system is a little more secure and works with fewer and fewer malware than dangers.
Android-like platform. benefits:

* Well made phone
* Face ID is more secure than a fingerprint reader.
* Malware often does not do this in the App Store.


* Face ID is an experimental concept.
* IOS is not completely resistant to hackers and bugs.

Galaxy Samsung EKKI 8 [
For Android, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the right choice as it uses the Samsung Knox platform [
It integrates hardware and software encryption to ensure a high level of data confidentiality. Knox always plays
An important role in your personal life is to separate yourself from your work life so that the information you collect is not
All kinds of shedding. The Note 8 also has a number of home security keys that confirm that the device is working properly.
Sometimes the operating system information is not interrupted to access your business. Sons:

* Note 8 phone keys are entered into the root system of each system.
* Built with Samsung Knox encryption technology.
* Offers beautiful design and a clean Android experience.


* Some security measures may be lower than expected.
* The device size is too large for both users and business users.

Google Pixel 2 [
The main advantage of using Google Pixel 2 phones is that they are produced directly by a parent company. Android is an update
Streaming very fast on pixel phones. It is secure based on mobile phone software and storage data
Inside, the latest Android versions and updates are available in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL formats.
This is a good option for those who like the balance between security and style. Benefits:

* Google Pixel 2 phones will automatically be marked for new code updates.
* Excellent design and excellent storage options for cameras and clouds.
* Latest Android update for Pixel 2 phones.


* I don’t like this design, it offers pure vanilla for Android, and it has a sleep function.
* It does not have manufacturer related security features.

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