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Gray can deceive market consumers and deprive them of their resources

Updated January 2020

Grey market can be checked because a PGP message signed by its administrator has been sent to the forum for obscure websites. We are
The correct use of this word can lead to fraud, since the signature in the PGP message is not sufficient to confirm the claim.
The director says that the general manager manages the market and loses money on all user budgets.

Grey market It is difficult to escape Didio’s attack. The past 30 days have been the worst time they have fallen
In other markets, even high-level DDO attacks can often damage gray hair.
The operators are dissatisfied with the DDoS attack, which is said to disrupt the market
Users use their budget to spend the New Year holidays in style.

Signed PGP and co-administrator
A few hours ago, the director of the gray market in the gray forum published a PGP message about the gray market, which is known
for the use of gray in the gray market.
The key word the management team announces is that all the interesting purses have been stolen
There are plans to close the market. He said that if they find a goalkeeper, they will return with a new market that closes the
Here’s all the news.

> Hello everyone
I am the director of the annual market. There are users and you can call Billy. Billy will post there, that’s the only picture
There are different types of stories.
As you can see last week, Dildos were attacked from all over the country and Ddos stole all the money and desperately wanted to
fight Billy.
From the boiler. A few days later we opened the market because we could not sell. Billy’s search began
Come back to your time while. Everything is going well, I go back a few months with new documents and confirm I forgot
A market that is trying to get as many assets as it is bad for buyers or sellers.
We will be offering Christmas and New Year holidays.

Drivers warn Grey Market of a scam and all records are recorded.

Call it the hair paper market
Explaining the main points
* November 1: Grey market, released as planned
* December: Insurance coverage increases and the market shrinks
* December 24: You do not swear in The market
* December 25: O5 officials face problems and change issues
* December 30: Type Grey Market bot to J6
December 31: Announces market closure

I know
In the end, it is clear that users are left with their own money. There is a standard shown in the blue mirror rather than an
unprotected object
He can be physical. It is not. They make money through security services. Add the remaining meat frequently
Avoid markets that use standard features such as black market, dbay, Genesis market, and gray market. And they all went
One page for selling eckmar on Bitcointalk. Do not do it now, lose your money, wait and run for your life.

If you are new to the market, we recommend that you enter the Big Blue Market . We tested this market as best we could
They turned out to be very good and work hard. The The market has important features and is expected to become a major feature in the near

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