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Google Calendar invites and uses phishing incidents and attacks

Updated on july 18 2019

Research shows that using Google Calendar can also cause crashes because it adds spam.

Simple mechanics: boat’s skills
The caller ID invites you to the unwanted calendar with a link to the URL
Send to Gmail users or a group of Gmail addresses. there is no phone
Gmail automatically adds an event calendar and notifies the user
If the user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the phishing page
Or malware. A jump will appear
Users have more opportunities than the Google Calendar app
Call them and quit the Gmail spam filter
And gatherings

Kaspersky explains that cyber criminals associate calendars and spam with stolen URLs.
Maria Vorgse, recently on the blog
A notification call appears on the mobile phone and asks the recipient to click on the link.
Their website directs the user to enter their credit card information and add additional information.
Send it directly to the sender.

Kaspersky researchers have seen examples of misguided research efforts.
Customers will also receive details,
Or send money by name.

Norman Hart, Digital Security Archive Security
The news spread widely, according to SS Media for the UK.
Again, the safety of the user is at stake
Application developer. The power of Google in this example
When you arrive, answer for yourself and take care of everything
The problem with the holiday calendar is in everyone’s default settings
Information always catches our attention
Imagine how painful it would be to suddenly follow without realizing it.
Do you always ask stupid questions?

Users want more control over how they manage the application
The general alert condition should be reduced during installation
Improving working life does not benefit anyone
Reduces balance and stress, lasts forever. This is a fact
Knowing about smart devices can always be dangerous
The dream is beautiful.

Synapse chief security engineer Boris Sputnik warned
Be careful when using trusted applications.
All emails will be requested and you will receive an invitation in this case. in this regard
Ask the person who sent you the invitation.
If true. Do not upload links or attachments.
Chap message b features e: Wrong points, notes
When in doubt, use headers, unusual URLs and more. We suggest you delete it. what kind
The Kapparis ski automaker suggested that you are not a suspicious friend
So do not allow the calendar application to be automatically signed for the invitation
Add to the calendar, but if not, cut deep

Google Terms in Google Terms of Use and Terms of Use
Production laws prohibit us from distributing harmful materials
We work hard and stay focused and alert
Disadvantages. Fighting spam is the last battle and we have done it
A big improvement, maybe send spam back.

We are still working to protect all users from spam:
We protect the content of images for spam and allow our users to access it.
Spam, calendars, Google Drive and Google Photos
Do not allow spam to enter them. Also, we are there
Protect your users by getting rid of known coding codes
Google Chrome Custom Filter URL.

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