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Google Calendar conversations and events used in phishing attacks

darknet Google Calendar conversations and events used in phishing attacks
Darknet Google Calendar conversations and events used in phishing attacks

Posted on July 18, 2019

According to researchers, the technology for using Google Calendar will invite and events will be a lot of spam.

The mechanics are relatively simple: a peak, a
Spam in calendar with a link to a web browser
send to Gmail or G-mail users. Smartphone standard
Gmail automatically adds events to the calendar and notifies the user
in the pop-up window. When users click on the link, they are targeted for phishing scams.
malware. How do pop-ups appear?
users trust the Google Calendar app
Gmail spam filters are not to be missed when using them
of the Association.

Kaspersky investigators said hackers sent targets in a sudden call for a timeline with a link to phishing scams.
Maria Vergelis in a new blog post
[Popular windows
The invitation notification is displayed on the smartphone screen and the recipient is notified by clicking on the link.
The website they visit asks victims to fill in their credit card information and add personal information.
sent directly to the fraudster.

Kaspersky researchers saw an example of incorrect research pressure
Cash rewards to customers with descriptions like Youve,
Or transfer money to your name.

Guardian Cloud’s digital service architect Naman Hart,
SC Media UK said the news showed a broad trend: this attack
We see again that consumer safety is a fundamental passion
Application programmer. Google wants to force us in this case
Pay attention to something so you can reply to us when we receive it
Calendar Invitation. Anger seems to be a standard for everyone
Sometimes apps and notifications demand our attention
Imagine being angry at someone unknown in return
Are you and the unbeliever asking questions all the time?

Users should have more control over how they interact with the app
The default notification mode for us and during installation must be minimal
No one needs it. This is an added benefit to improving work life
Constantly balances and reduces stress. This is a proven fact
Constantly monitoring a smart device is very detrimental to you
Sleep and well-being

Boris Zipot, Wire Safety Engineer
Use caution when working with trusted programs.
In that case, ask for an email address and invitation. If so
Ask the person who sent the invitation if it sounds unusual, wrong, or unusual
Do not click on links or attachments when ordering
About the symptoms of false reports: Wrong words, advertising
For example, it is better to remove captions and strange URLs. By the way
Kaspersky recommends that automation is not your friend in these cases.
Do not allow calendar apps to automatically invite you
Calendar, but you need to review it and add another way

Google said in a statement that it also includes Google services
This policy prevents the publication of accurate information
We will make every effort to avoid any activity or communication
Air gas spam spam attacks are an eternal war, and so are we
Progress is good, and sometimes spam is a lizard.

We work hard to protect all our employees from details:
We look for ads and photos that are sent to the user
Read ads on your calendar, image, Google Drive and Google Photos
Insert block as block. In addition, we are
Leads employees to warn of abusive behavior
Filter URL in Google Chrome view.

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