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Google Calendale information and events used to prevent fraud

darknet Google Calendale information and events used to prevent fraud
Darknet Google Calendale information and events used to prevent fraud

Updated July 18, 2019

Analysts say the Google Calendar language is used to integrate languages with programs like spam.

A simple tool is what it does.
Calls not opened with a URL link
Gmail will initially be sent to the user or GPS address.
Gmail will automatically add and notify events on your calendar.
In the pop-up window When users click on the link, they reach the phishing site.
Or download malware now according to statistics
Trust most users through the Google Calendar app.
Use them and Gmail spam filters.

Kaspersky analysts claim that cybercriminals automatically send unsolicited invitations to the calendar to subscribers to
determine the URL.
Maria Vergellis in her latest blog
[Let’s go
The invitation page will appear on the phone screen, and the assistant will ask you to contact them inconsistently.
The targeted site requires the victim to enter credit card information and provide personal information. D. H
He was immediately sent to the fraudster.

Investigators cited Kaspersky as an example of misinformation
For customers and information on receiving a cash prize,
Or the amount will be paid by name.

Naman Hart, Artist Consultant,
SC Media UK said the news showed a general trend: attacks
A user safety review that stays under the funny title
Development program. In this case, Google wants to encourage you
You listen, you take things in stride and when you do, you carry our thoughts
He lay on his knees. Disclosure does not seem normal for everyone
Todays programs and campaigns need our attention
Back to back. Imagine being scared when you see something unusual
Always amazing questions?

People need more control over the problems of the union and
We keep general information about the installation process to a minimum
No, it creates useful benefits for improving working life.
Balancing periodically and reducing stress. The truth is proven
Regularly remembering your smart device can hurt
Good night

The fire chief, Boris Chipot, warned about this
Be careful when working with trusted programs:
Ask for each email, in which case you will receive an invitation. If so
Feeling weird, bad or unusual and then inviting someone
If its written, dont click on the link or attach it and see it
Find phishing emails: Wrong words, action
Translation, incredible URL and sometimes no doubt. As well as
Kaspersky suggests that in this case automation is not your friend
This does not allow invitations to be automatically included in the event calendar
Strive the calendar, but if you prefer, adjust it
Its a trick.

Google Terms and Conditions in the report
Production policies prohibit the distribution of harmful materials
We work hard to block and promote their services
The fight against spam abuse is a constant war and thats how we did it
Significant improvement, sometimes garbage overdose.

We are committed to protecting all our customers from unwanted intrusions:
We invite users to test the content of the images for unwanted content
Report spam, forms, Google Drive, and Google Photos
How to block unwanted communication in Hangouts Gout. In addition, we
Protect users by reporting known malware
A URL that uses secure Google search filters.

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