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Godfather of Darkness (Perfect Scam Podcasts)

darknet Godfather of Darkness (Perfect Scam Podcasts)
Darknet Godfather of Darkness (Perfect Scam Podcasts)

Millions of people buy online and over 10,000 online pharmacies.

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[There is a beautiful picture under the sea
Willie Johnson is coming to AARP Sc Perame this week.

I think we saw 171,000 people on this page and a total of 171,000.
People are here for bad things.

Love is among the people I know, I don’t really care. I was rebellious at the time.

Wilson and Anderson. You’re returning to the ERP program this week. I’m John Johnson, here I am
Representative of AARP scams Wagnell. Frank, how are you doing?
Frank Abgalla. Okay, come back, dear, thank you

Select HONSON. Frank, I think you can agree if you can. What are you thinking about?

Frank Abgalla. But I don’t think so

Ex Jason: You can spend the rest of your life for 400 years.

Frank Abagnle: Right.

Jason: You’re right, aren’t you? I don’t know who will play this role, but I think Leonardo DiCaprio, Leon may return.
Our post is misleading, so we want to talk about the dark internet. Black web for online crime
Life and children, drugs, weapons, identification cards that you specify. We were visited by Doug Sheddell, an AARP network
management expert
Visit the dark internet and see for yourself.

Dogo Sheddle: The black internet was introduced in the US Navy in the early 2000s. You actually made a copy. He is
External communication lines to facilitate unwanted communication. So they did this action
The book of onions is called TOR. T-O-R only has to register in the dark of the Internet, but it starts to find the cause in the
And wait as a former supplier of this technology, can we work together intentionally? I try to
This is a good idea because we want to sell more drugs. Drugs account for 100 percent of all online crime
Trafficking in human beings All the drugs you offer are sold on the internet. Digital shopping is also possible
Very well, this is your digital ID and it will be my digital ID. What is a digital presentation? Things like social security
Amount of personal data.

Wilson Johnson: Getting to the dark web site, how to get started, how to do it, and how to get there.
Today we go to the source: Brett Johnson. Many nowadays think Brett is in favor of network parliamentarians,
Brett changed lives. You can share experiences with good people like FBI, Secret Service, etc.
Private companies fighting cybercrime.

I sat down with Brett and talked to him for 90 minutes, and after talking to him, I have to say that it was a bit weird.
The victims of hypocrisy are usually found in this tube. But Brett has a great story to tell and helps us in.
Of the.

Musical change

Will Anna be reviewing Johnson’s confidential service again?

Brett Johnson: Yeah. I’m not an expert in that name, but I said what they said.

: Brett knows the Dark Web better than most people.

Brett Johnson: Black numbers and cybercrime may be more than anyone else. Some people are possible
Only users know me well.

Will Johnson: Well done. So I started one of these first online courses
When do you say business?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I know

Johnson: Bad and bad ride.

Brett Johnson: Well, I started the first online community, the first organized crime. They call it the Shadow Staff
Before and after the use of these systems, he laid the foundations for the operation of Dark Net market.

Johnson: Brett Johnson grew up in eastern Kentucky. He called his mother a fake business leader
What happened to him He accidentally broke into a store and stole 108,000 bulldozers.
Kill the owner.

Brett Johnson: Not cruel, I said it’s not physical, but emotional, emotional
It was difficult. My sister and I are leaving for a few days. At that time, my father and I left
Not so, but my nine brothers were ten years old and my mother left for a few days. We didn’t have food at home. And me too
The father feared his mother would return. You know the document is there, look outside, outside the window, inside
Along the way, I saw him walking down the street toward the house, so I was always scared and excited. Denise is a little bigger
than her
9, he himself came from the boys. I hate. We spent a few days. One day Dennis enters
At home pork pies are involved. What about me, where did you come from? And like them, I stole them. I
Like, hmm, show me how you did this.

Will Johnson: Brett says the crime started when he was ten and his sister and mother started it all
Buy theft.

Brett Johnson: I don’t want you to believe I have to leave my father. OK
I decided to break the law.

Johnson Case: You also understand ecology. I appreciated your comment, but I appreciated it
So she doesnt have the best model and she worked without a meal. From
The need arose.

Brett Johnson: Yes, that’s right.

Johnson: So, you remember the first time you entered the computer?

Brett Johnson: My first computer was the Texas TI-994A. I was 11 and felt like I was there
The cat. This is an incredible video game. Most importantly, I was there for the first time
Online at 9, 94, 95.

Johnson: Yeah, good question, that links the outside world with the East?

Brett Johnson: I’ve been at the computer, and so on. Read a little


Nonsensen: Brits killed a gray elephant by Benny Baby to sell his first crime
EBay Greedy Blue Elephant 500 1,500. Schemer continued to sell baseball with his signature and studied around 1996.
The installation of small satellite systems and decoders is an open channel for customers who want to pay for it. In a way, Brett
It’s part of the computer world.

Stories like mine always start with a question, of course you’re fast, you’re probably legal.

Brian Johnson: Yes

Johnson: I mean funny, but they don’t care if they’re easy to read.
You see the difference between young people.

Burton Johnson: No, actually, it’s a relief. But I think this is the worst part of my life with my mother
My father is to blame for this old man, because he wants to love his mother.
He said that he is ready to take them home. Ziff asks not to disappoint my sister.
But he wants to do it, not trying to lose his love. So as i grow up i understand
Remember, I was an evolutionist, I did not want others to come to me. I did not want to lose the people in power over me.
The reason I did not want to count was the reason I gave up. I don’t want to go to work
I want to be there, I always help them. I am a wonderful, dedicated person who can only be two.
So let’s go, hmm, when I get to where I can talk, I want to break people and try myself.
Always correct your mistakes

Johnson: Can you be involved in any crime related to this?

Brett Johnson: This isn’t the first time. Well, I’m sitting here without a problem
This is when you break the internet that you cannot see
Victims. Not only can you save money online, you can also view files that are not associated with a specific person.
It even helped me break the rules.

Johnson: And when does the Web work? So the first time you open an online store. I dance

Brett Johnson: No, no.

Johnson: Is his web dark?

Brett Johnson: No, it was a cyber crime, so I was there because cyber crime was a crime.
Then the business will get better and the economy better. So 90, breast implants
Buying bad cards is bad, isn’t it? So 97 was when I decided to empty my budget
You need a valid ID. So I don’t know where the true ID is. So on the internet I looked and found it.
He had an ID, I sent him a picture, I sent him 200 and he divorced me. Are you Not clear I wasn’t very happy. As a result …
I started looking for someone to take a stamp. The closest thing to me is to call the place
Books for sellers of products for sale of products for sale by third parties. But they have this feast, they don’t
Use one, so I made a mistake and I have complaints about daily blockade
This is a source of misunderstanding. When I arrived, two others came. One is the brother of Balzibubu
Mostrofka, Saskatchewan, husband’s man is X Los Angeles

JOSHAN: Is your last name Golam Ramailo?

Brett Johnson: My name was Golam.

Johnson: What do you mean? Are you a fan of the Lord?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I have a team of people around. Yes I was. But when I saw it, I complained to Beelsebub, that’s
Let’s talk about ways to create a workflow. He once sent me an ICQ saying he was a messenger and he was like Gollum.
I can create an ID card for you. I can do it Yes, yes, and I love it, it does well and sends it to me. Yes
Here’s what I can offer, but it doesn’t say. I’ll pay you $ 200. He said I would
Running this project gives you confidence. It hurts,
Because of this fact, you know that you have already made friends with people who run the site. I love you, I tell you,
I’ll send you $ 200, so if you see me, I’ll take you to this place. I sent him $ 200, he sent me the picture, two
Weeks later, two weeks later, I found an Indiana guy named Stephen Schwed. What has Beelzebub done since then?
If you want to sell ID cards, you get the idea that the devil is responsible for all things
Work is available on this platform. Now I meet people who have a website and I ask them questions
Can I change forum? They like them, and yes you can too. When I got to the meeting, Beelzebub told me to check everything
That said, do this to understand how the product works and how this device works. You can ask questions, see
Everything comes and you can learn it. I love it, good idea. I don’t do that now
And we’re not the only ones talking, because there are no other countries.

Johnson: I ask. It looks like it

Brett Johnson: It’s the first time, and they’re coming in big numbers.

Johnson: Are you just looking for stocks?

Brett Johnson: I was just reading a lot.

Will Johnson: People are going to post it online.

Brett Johnson: In order for someone to get a fake ID, they have to send me a fake ID.

Johnson: Is everything wrong or illegal?

Brett Joh Onson. As for the fair trade!

By on ns onson. It’s like a shirt, but it’s not

Brett Joh Onson. Ah, no, no.

Will ns Onson. Or I have grass.

Brett Johnson: No, it’s all legal. So if one does, if one works
To try them out, they had to mail them a check to sell to the club. ID or credit card is just a fake name
Or something else.

It’s just a song

] They stole it
They know how to pay off credit card numbers along the way.

Brett Johnson: That’s his friend. We were surrounded; No more
The use of crew is essential to Darknet Market upgrades.

Johnson Town: Brett has been managing the house for three years and has contributed 4,000 members.

short. Buy things, earn money.

[: 00
Cash returned to ATM. It will be a great effort.

. ^ E Ha yM.

Johnson: I just got the money from the ATM?

Brett Johnson: Okay.

Johnson: And how did you grow up with other women?

Brett Johnson: Yes, the card is for ATMs.

Will Johnson: But in 2001, Brett began to see police on the move.

IMSOB has created something called the Internet or Income Tax.

Will Johnson: Famous Things.

Brett Johnson: You’re famous, so people are sending you money today
This is kidnapping. This is Korea. I’m the one who started it. Yes, that’s why I started in 2003
In 2003, I did. If I get 160,000 a week, I steal.

No, it’s Onson. So you are.

Brett John Anderson. Folded mail:

ns Onson. Yes, thats when they started growing.

Brian ns Anderson. I am very happy. I was sentenced to 30 years in prison

Will Johnson: So you’re bankrupt. Are you making more money now?

Brett Johnson: No, no, I stole a lot of money. To prevent tax evasion from Cardian,
Cardian earns between $ 40,000 and 40 40,000 a month. Now tax fraud is on the rise. For tax evasion
I steal ,000 160,000 a week for ten months a year.

Johnson: Are you going to keep all the money in the classroom?

Brett Johnson: I put all the garbage in my pocket. And a boy from Jansport Bank saw a baby
In the 20th century, he returned to the team frequently, earning 150,000. To my knowledge, this is true.
Okay, and I succeeded. I get a tax refund every six minutes. The tax will increase next week
Up to 8 hours a day on Wednesdays, pay 200 a week, i.e. 200, 80% of that. The information card on Thursday looks clear
ID futures start at ATMs on Fridays or Saturdays at 2pm without an ATM,
Don’t waste anything this week except 1st century items in ATM machines. I’ll be back on Sunday; Get up Not even a bankrupt
At the beginning of my trip to this house in a garage in Charleston, South Carolina, my new husband brought me a farm bag.
Back in the rented room and I, in a room full of bags, carry about 150,000.

SEG music

He asks Johnson: I’m asking you, when didn’t those ATM trips happen right away?
Over time, not only credit card numbers are displayed, but also weapons and drugs?

Brett Johnson: The shadow team was the rule, there were three rules. These rules do not matter
no coins, drugs, child pornography. We don’t even make child porn. I dealt in drugs and guns
because there was someone named Glock or Beretta. He worked there in the field. His too
found the weapon without a serial number and sold it in 2000. It happened
began to give. The drugs were given because other officials wanted to prescribe them. So for the latter
We were the first to enjoy the sale at Shadow Crew. So there were people who had 40,000 tablets
materials. Um, of course, yes, I know why it’s called ecstasy.

Will Johnson: On October 26, 2004, the US Secretariat arrested 33 people in six states. It was Brett
left alone. But it didn’t last long. In 2005, the law was turned to.

Brett Johnson: What happened when I was in Charleston, South Carolina and stole some silver?
Costs for delivery orders and shipping costs. When I see the driver at this address, tell me, tell me my name, tell me
We have package for you. He gave me a parcel, and I gave him a check, I think 23,000,000. Look around
The FBI and Charleston, South Carolina police watch me with guns.

The second time

Will Johnson: When you are in prison in Brett County, you should visit Secret Service. They cut it.
Black Lives Matter’s internal business is showing a good month.

I walked into the room next to Walmart and purchased a prepaid credit card so I can pursue tax fraud again. Make
He broke the law from 10 months every day for 10 months.

No song

Will Johnson: Brett is currently in jail. Moreover, do not hesitate to break the law. Go to Vegas,
Then he would go to Disney-Orlando every day to park-up. But Joseph threw himself again
He was sentenced to 76 months in prison.

Send someone like me to a federal prison to get permission to work outside the prison with minimal security.
Everything. I left the office and worked six weeks. I am small
Members of the tunnel will leave the kit with wallets, cell phones and ID cards. Alas, this was about 300 miles.
American workers are improving the whole area at the same time, and I hope there are some Indians who know how to borrow more.
Nothing has been done. So you stop me, they sent me to Texas.

Johnson Ka: Do you cheat and treat others?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, yeah, you see me now. I think I wash my hair a lot. I had that big red goat and
Everything else And yes, yes, yes, I wasn’t like you.

Nielsen: But you have them.

Brett Johnson: Yeah. They do

Nonsonson: So Brett goes back to his father’s prison and it’s strange that he shows you, and he remembered the
beginning of his life.

Brett Johnson: I came to visit my father, in the big city where I live. There is a prison inside
Leave for 10 minutes. He asked me, yes, can I do something for you? And I, my sister, thank you
It will be. Dennis was called, Dennis said, I was in Kentucky and Dennis was in North Carolina at 7pm, I told him.
They got pregnant and Dennis got pregnant, walked the hard road and spent 7 hours in less than 10 hours when he told me he loved
me. Hanji.
I immediately released my ear, spent 8 months in custody and sent him to Texas to testify, and I wont see you again.
For five years. Two years later I realized what I was doing
The protest and sadness is not because I did it to help people, because I decided to break the law.

Johnson: Are you looking for a common soul?

If you dont face the worst of violence, you wont have time to think. So you can talk to yourself
Do you accept what you have done or are you angry at criticizing someone else? I was happy with that
Accept what you have done. So go ahead, I went into law in 2011 and I broke the law. Well, when you shot him
Outside of prison, Im using the same tools I use, so Ive been using it for three years.
Comp. In fact, the only job I got was a weak hand, and I was happy. My towel is 400
You went well over the weekend. Ive been there a long time and its delicious.

So it’s musical

Will Johnson: Meanwhile, Brett met and married Michelle
very good.

Brett Johnson: Michelle just anyone. Cleaning only makes money. Oh, I have to
something. I have to do my work. Of course I had to do that. So I went online and started buying a stolen credit card
In order to be fed, you must be detained and returned to jail within ten months. And Michelle let me down. Yes, he (he killed)
Up) Sorry, Sam, no doubt, and he has never been to this before.

As a last resort in prison, it seems more closed or important: John Johnson
People like Michelle would not surrender. He seemed to want to act right.

Brett Johnson: So I joined LinkedIn in the space. You are a great agent, you are included
While I’m a criminal outside of Pittsburgh right now, computer crime is just beginning to happen. I have sent him a message
Me, I respect you all. I feel good, I respect you
I see how you can do the right thing. But believe me.

Will Johnson: Brett knows he must start a new life. Start conversations with security officials,
Distribution to companies and everything they know about the Internet. It is today. Reveals the secrets of a small online
He helped create the largest black network today.

We’ve finished 4,000 members. Last year, on July 5, a group called Alpha Bay was arrested in the White Area. They were closed
They have 240,000 members in each internet group.

John Johnson: If you’re thinking of someone who has launched the Internet, you know you can do it.
The first Penny Baby project in blue. Is this person different from the person I see today?

Brett Johnson: No, I don’t think he’s a different person. I do not know who I am
This is amazing. I am the best. I don’t know, the only difference is that I know I hurt this child. That’s right
Don’t think I got it. But I’m glad to know that here
Actions that hurt others, you know, I’m bad. I steal, I steal from people I never knew
I’m not interested. Unnnn, I think I looked back because I was alone and a little disappointed. I do not want to be beautiful
But the good person I tried, I can’t fix it, but I’m coming.
I think I can be sure that my next choice will be not painful, but useful.


Lots of lies and lies
List of people and phone numbers, credit cards, etc. It wouldn’t work without it.
Otherwise, exceptions

Frank Abagnale: When I count, I always remind people that there are two currencies. In the form of interest
And in the form of this information in the financial statements and sell information about black websites and sell information
about it.
The web is black. The same thing that creates the conversation room in this book adds a little sound to the audience
Screen and above information. He is wise.

Wilson Johnson: If your credit or debit card was stolen, let me ask you a question.
Or, anyway, this is your bank account number, and you’re worried, yes, now that the Dark Spirits are coming,
Let them go

As you may know, Frank Avagnale is a technology I talked about and didnt write much about
Credit card application only. Credit cards, credit cards, visas, major cards, American Express, debit cards. every day
You spend money at a credit card company. I didn’t spend the money. My wealth goes to the treasury
It gives pleasure It shows it to everyone, so no one knows where it is. I’m going to the credit card store
Get up and use my credit card. I arrived today with my credit card. I should now
Only my number can be saved, but if someone comes to my call and gets a million dollar salary
Split, I am not liable under federal law, and if I use my credit card and my debt to repay the debt, I do
I have a loan, so I owe. It opens once you have a bank account and when you use a bank
I don’t want to steal money. You can use the bank 10 times in 20 years
Not worth more than an inch a day. It happened The credit card is the same. During the purchase
Theyre doing something online, and they dont understand it, I dont know. If you buy another item online, do not return it.
It is certain that when you go to a website, your website is a completely made up idea and when you give it something, it will not
disappear, I am not good at it. Okay, I’ll sing you
Honestly, I dont care if my credit card is on the Dark Web.
I came home 30 days after arrival, when I spoke to a credit card company that did not submit these requests.
My answer is that I do not respond to those documents.

Johnson calls: What about the money? Is there a problem?

Frank Avagnale: I’d like to see what the debit card says. I don’t want to use Visa alone, MasterCard. That
It’s not a loan.

Hey Johnson: He started there.

Frank Abigail: Yeah.

Will: I think this is the first time

Hunting Fringh: He still does. So I told the bank it was a credit card requirement.

Johnson: OK, so use your credit card and get an ATM to withdraw money.

Frank Abnagel: That’s right. Seriously, go again
Outside and if you want to earn money by car, use VISA or MasterCard. They make a case for me, but it’s mine
This is a financial insurance, no one can access my bank accounts, only visa accounts.

He changed his plans for the business as a Facebook page logo on Network Control Corruption
in fact. So be careful, but join us immediately according to your word.

Mixed music

Will Johnson: Well, thanks again for your investment.

Beam Jane: Hi Atlanta, thank you for having me.

Johnson: You? What do you recommend to us? This is Jane Beam Kaya Al.

Beam Jane: Yes, that’s right.

Will Anson. Most of the beams are waiting.

Tia Jenny. I did it, I can’t believe it. I have a tracking network on my Facebook page, I see fraudsters every day,
And I got another one.

Will Anson. This can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It made me think about what happened

Do it regularly. Yes, yes, because I am so deceived, I often check my credit card statement.
Lending at my home loan office is often frozen. I do what I love the most.
: One morning I checked my credit card records: I paid several months to the Union Credit Union for a check. And this too
The other charge was $ 19.95, I did it in red. I was crazy because I started to say that the union started with me
My husband was charged, I was twice accused of detecting a loan, I suspect they were in the neighborhood.
For me, I’m interested in what I have and haven’t thought about it. What I did, I called 800
Pay my credit Advertising on the card. I was there to confirm my personal information, then an amazing cellphone lady,
I lay down a lot, I look like OHH, and the phone is turned off, I suddenly call my credit card.
Business is a task I have to do first

Johnson: Jane we will run a fake Facebook page, see Jane, what they would get more information?

James Beck: Follow me on

Johnson Johnson: Ok, thank you again. Thank you to my friend, Exclusive Network Ambassador.

Frank Abnagel: Oh, right. Thanks for closing.

Will Johnson: Information and resources on how to protect yourself or your loved ones from victims.
Scandal, AARPS Fraud Site, ARPR. Join the / Fredwich Network Thanks to a cheating lead organization; Julie Getz, bake
Masters by Ellis, Sound Engineer Steve Bartlett and Julius Gonzalez. For a full skin ARP, IM Johnson.

The story begins in Arfa

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