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God the Father of the Dark Web (The Scam Perfect Podcats)

darknet God the Father of the Dark Web (The Scam Perfect Podcats)
Darknet God the Father of the Dark Web (The Scam Perfect Podcats)

Millions of obscure copies are available online and more than 10,000 drugs are available online.

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Dark leaves
Nsson: AARP should have a great game this week.

I think we have a site that was visited by 171,000 people and viewed by 171,000 people
People are in a bad mood.

I stole people I know, people I’ve never met and don’t care about. I was a hunter at the time

Will Johnson: Welcome to the AARP business this week. I’m Johnson, I’m here
My team, Frank Abagnels, is the representative of AARP who is responsible for online fraud. Frank, how are you?
Frank Abagnale: Okay, thanks.

Johnson Johnson: Frank, Eve, I could be arrested. You think so too
What can I do?

Frank Abagnale: But I don’t think so

Will Johnson: You can do the remaining 40 years of your life.

Frank Abagnale: Right.

Johnson: Everyone right? I don’t know who played it, but I think Leo might be back, Leonardo Di Caprio.
Since our podcast is about fraud, we want to see the Dark Web episode. Dark Web is an internet crime
Have your pocket, drugs, weapons, Social Security number, name it. Doug Schadel, an expert on the AARP Fraud Surveillance Network,
Take a tour of the Dark Web to see them firsthand.

Doug Schadel: The dark network started in the early 2000s, it was actually created by US Navy. give it a try
Transmission, a kind of communication channel for foreign workers to talk to the unknown. And so they developed this software
Known Onion Router, TOR. T-O-R, that’s all you need to access the dark web, but first the criminals saw it.
And people who get the first kind of technology say, wait, can we really communicate with each other? Because of the evidence
Fortunately we sell a lot of drugs. Drugs account for nearly 80% of Dark Web’s criminal activity
Human abduction. Any drug sold on the Web is bought and sold on digital devices
This is your digital identity and my digital identity, Will. What is a digital identity? Things like Social Security
Number, personal details.

Johnson: How did you get started, how, how, and how did you get into this category to get into the dark of the web?
Today we turn to Britt Johnson’s spring. Many still think the office is establishing a network. In those days
Fred’s health changed. He was working for a good man in the FBI’s secret service. Etc. Work as a counselor
A private cybercrime company.

I sat with Brett and we talked for 90 minutes and I would say it was funny after the conversation.
People were injured during the exile. But the office has a long history and helps us see what’s inside
One of the cybercrimes.

Thank you


Brett Johnson: That’s it. Im not proud of that title, but it still is.

Cumming Nsonson Brett probably knows the info on the sidebar.

Brett Johnson: Probably related to cyber crime and criminal activity. There are people
Those who know me do not forbid me.

Ninson: Yeah, I got it. The reason is that you are the first one to start using the Internet
Stores, can I sign up?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, me

Wilson Johnson: Trafficking in human beings and yes, that’s bad.

Brett Johnson: That’s right, I created the first online forum and the first organized cyber attack. They called him a
shadow worker
Today, he is the head of Dark Net market and laid the foundation for today’s methods

William: Brett Johnson grew up in eastern Kentucky. He described his mother as the owner of a fake industry
When he grew up, he stole everything and sent 10,108,000 caterpillars to the store.
Milk for the owner.

Brett Joh Onson. Well, hes a rebel, no, I think of the body, but he can have multiple mouths, even thoughts.
spiritual. He was lucky. My sister and I went for a few days. Dad now went like a father
Of course she wasnt there, Im ten years old, my sister. 9. My mother has been away for a few days. We had no food at home. Me
The boy was still scared when his mother returned. You know when I sit down, I look up, I look out the window and I walk in
Was I scared on the way home in the car and in shock? Denise, there were years
9, the baby has always been and still is. He was crazy. It lasted several days. One day, Dennis changed his mind
House and pork are offered in boxes. I love owning them. Then I stole it. me:
Tell me how it works.

Oso ns Onson. Brett says his life and crime began when he was 10 years old. Brett, sister and mother have all started
They sell and steal together.

Brett Joh Onson. I dont want anyone outside to think that my parents teach me to mature. kei
Breaking the law is my freedom.

Oso ns Onson. You can also read the story here. So thank you for your comment, but I did
They say, like feed and stuff, you do it without food. yes
its a real opportunity.

Brett Johnson: That’s right.

Johnson: So you remember the first time you stepped on the computer?

Brett Johnson: My first computer was a Texas TI-994A taxi. I was 11 years old, that is, who I was
Sun protection. And it’s definitely a certified video game machine. The most important thing was when I started registering
Maybe the internet is 94, 95 years old.

Here’s John Johnson: Yeah, that’s a better question, you’re finally getting in touch with the Eastern world.
Ken month.

Brett Joach Onson. So I had the computer and the other one I did well.


The Onson is coming. One of the commission’s first offenses was a blue calf for sale
The blue elephant is on eBay for $ 1,500. He continued to sell under the 1996 basketball brand
How to reach people who want to access satellite channels, small cable TV companies and pay for stations? Either way, Brett
The same is true in the world of cybercrime.

Such a story always begs the question, of course, it is intelligent and can legitimize everything.

Brett Johnson: Yes.

Will Johnson: First. I understand you have it now, but it will never cross your mind, even if it was easy
You can steal things from an early age.

Brett Johnson: No, that idea helps, but I had a father and a mother. Ok, so I get it
The crime scene comes from the mother. My father was a member, he wanted my mother to love him, so he supported everyone.
He released her and Rad told her not to take people home. Please dont abuse me and my sister here.
But it will continue. Just try not to lose love. So I found out since I went to high school
They are the idea I developed. I didnt want people to leave me. I didnt want to lose people, which was important to me.
So where I didnt want to go, I went. I didnt want to work. juice
They always wanted to make sure he was there to help. I trust the code a lot
That led to that. I mean, yeah, I go through the motions of people trying to explain it. juice
I always apologize for my crime.

Johnson wants: And with the wicked you can live with anyone.

Brett Johnson: I was never in the beginning. And yes, I was not guilty of staying here
Think about what would happen if the Internet was a crime, or even a divorce
He does the victims. Just look at the information online and don’t link it to anyone
The less he helped, the more he broke the law.

Johnson: When did the Dark Web begin? Eventually the first online store will be launched. Salt
Too far?

Brett Johnson: No, not at all.

Johnson: The Dark Web, isn’t it?

Bryant Johnson: No, there’s cybercrime right now, so I’m here because cybercrime is crime right now,
And then theres business and todays economy, right? Ch, W, Yes, 90, 96 when I was there
Pirates sell satellite tickets, right? Well, around 97, when I decided I made money, and from the inside
To do this I need a fake ID. That is, I don’t want to know where this fake identity came from, so give me everything, one, this,
The boy gave me his identity, I sent him my picture, I sent him 200 200 and he picked me up. Thats right and Im angry, Im
really worried. it’s OK
I was looking for someone you could give your identity to. I can’t see the website near me
Libraries are fake and the only thing they sell is fake grades. Yes, but they have that platform and they dont
We do that, so I go to forums and protest every day.
The identity provider is inactive, so there were other guys that I was here with. One is called Belzob, yes
The other person about Mr. Masrov was Mr. Saskatchewan. Alex from Los Angeles

Wilson Johnson: And your last name is Golem Flynn?

Brett Johnson: My name was Glam Fun at the time.

Wilson Johnson: Did you see that? Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings?

Brett Johnson: Well, I have a ring. That’s right. That’s how Belzel and I complain
About the creation of his works. So he sent me a letter in IMS, grammar and sent it to me.
I can find your ID number. Do you want yes, yes and yes and I think it works and sends me. he
I knew I could date a bird, but he said he didn’t want it. I paid you $ 200. – He said
Because if you are in this industry, you have to trust people. He thanked me, I liked it
You know, so I befriended the people who run the internet. Then I’ll tell you this
You will receive $ 200 to start this column. If you break it, you will receive $ 200. He sent me pictures of two people
A week later, two days later, I discovered Indiana Schweik Indiana. Bersheba has been doing it ever since
He wants to sell his file, he wants to be seduced, he wants me to find a product or
Access point server. I recently befriended people who have a website and asked
Can I write an article? They are as you can be. So I took society into my own hands, I wanted Belzebub to see everything
The product will tell you that you need to understand how the product works. You can ask questions, you know
Everything comes and you can learn how to do it. And I had such a good idea. Said. So let’s go
There is also a person because there is no one else.

I mean. Is mine

Brett Johnson: They want to go there for the first time.

Johnson: And are you looking at the product?

Brett Johnson: just look at the product.

Will Johnson: There are people in this area.

Brett Johnson: And if anyone gets a wrong letter, I’ll have to send a wrong letter.

Johnson: Is it all bad or bad, or is there something like that?

Brett Johnson: How does the legal business go?

Johnson: like shirts or

Brett Johnson: Oh, no, no, no.

Wilson Johnson: Oh there’s a loss in my sales.

Brett Johnson: No, it’s all legal. So, if you’re a counter
To confirm this, I need to send a summary to market the forum. This is similar to a fake ID or credit card


Johnson: Brett has finally joined the Ukrainian side using the site Carder Planet. He was imprisoned
Brett’s credit card number can be automatically renewed.

Brett Johnson: Since you did this one-on-one, we’re back, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re going to Shadow Crew, and
Shade Crew is the backbone of the Darknet Market.

Will Johnson: Brett is three years old and has 4,000 members.

Brett Johnson: A friend who knows what he is doing can make between $ 30 and $ 40,000 a month by stealing money.
paper. When you buy a product, you have to pay for it.

Well, Johnson is considering returning the tapes to the box they received.
make money at ATMs. He has a lot of money.

Brett Johnson: We start with theft, not from 30 to 40,000 dollars a month, from 30 to 40,000 a day.

Johnson: You can make a lot of money at the ATM, right?

Brett Johnson: All right.

Johnson: Are you going to one?

Brett Johnson: Well, the ATM system was created.

Wilson Johnson: Only a year ago. Around 2001, Bryant also started enforcing law enforcement on the Internet.

Barrett Johnson: So I started looking for a way while thinking and calling,
SOB made this thing on the Internet or YouTube.

General lounge

Bryant Johnson: That’s the way people are today.
Disclosure, identity theft. This man is me, I started it H, w, I started last year. That was in 2003.
You can do it in 2003. If I steal 160,000 a week.

Will Johnson: That’s what you do.

Brett Johnson: Yes, too

Johnson: And growing up?

Brett Johnson: Yes, I absolutely love it. I was sentenced to 30 years in prison and quit

Johnson Johnson: So you were afraid. How Much Money Do You Make Again?

Brett Johnson: Well, I didn’t do anything, I stole a lot of money. Advance, fraudulent taxes, cardinals,
When I created Cardia, it was $ 30-40,000 a month. Income tax fraud is now very high. Tax impediment
I stole $ 160,000 a week for 10 months a year.

Johnson comes in: And you put all that money on the soil?

Brett Johnson: First, I put all my money on my belt. You see one of these Jensen Port Gloves
He will receive $ 20,000 to continue his education and $ 150,000. I’m sure of that.
Well, I learned that I file a tax tax every six minutes and every Sunday I file a tax return.
On Wednesday, 8 hours a day, 200 taxes are sent back each week, so 80% of those 200 are funded. Because I’m walking on grass
Open an ATM on a Friday or indeed a Saturday morning. I started to deposit money in ATMs and
And I pulled 20 ATMs this weekend. The market has started up again. When the money comes
The first time I had a fruit and I got home on a rooftop in South Carolina, a bag and I
Throw in an extra room, when I was in that room with my backside, there were 150,000 in each bag.

Now the music

For a long time, is it not only a reduction in the number of cards, but also a reduction in weapons and medicine?

Brett Johnson: I have three rules for shadow workers. These laws are not false
No money, no drugs, no pictures of children. We have never taken child abuse seriously. I started making ammunition and weapons
Because we hired someone, Glock or Beretta. He worked in a factory. This is
He was able to produce many weapons, which were sold at 2000 pop. We are?
They started paying the bills. The medicine is mine and it always gives me medication for my second reaction. However
This year, with the shadow group, we agreed to sell Ecstasy for the first time. Then we gave people 40,000 tablets
I was at work until people came to sell people dishes and marijuana, and it eventually became OxyContin.

Will Nonson: On October 26, 2004, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency arrested 33 people in six countries for six
hours. This is Brett
The only one who survived. But its not too late. The law was passed in 2005.

Brett Johnson: And if I was in Charleston, South Carolina, I’d find a little diamond on a UPS computer.
Send the COD command when effective during the transfer. I left, I found the driver at the address, I said my name, eBay said
You have a bag for you. Give me a bag, I’ll give you a check, I think it was $ 23,000. And I’m going there
The FBI and Charleston, South Carolina Police Department with the weapons I trained.

Record music

Will Johnson: While Burt is sitting in the county jail, he visits the Secret Service. Make an appointment for him. $
A few months ago, he introduced the good guys into the dark interior.

Brett Johnson: I left that night, $ 30 back, I’m here when the secret service leaves me I’m out.
In the hotel room, he went to Walmart and took the prepaid bank card so I could start paying taxes. I am working
Secret service for 10 months and during those 10 months I break the law every day.

Music signal

Will Johnson: Brett has been released from prison. But if my sentence is restored, he can come back. There’s vegas
Then I went to Orlando, the world of Disney and into the park every day. But it was sent back
He was sentenced to 76 months in prison.

Brett Johnson: The female criminal. Without history, the dispersed
E-mail them to me as the ruler of the tent, as you are safe and you can work outside the jail.
That’s it. I found work at home and had to travel 6 weeks a week. Found
Our staff will send you your money and your mobile number and will make it within 300 miles.
This is America. In March I traveled all over the country. You can get more from Ukraine you know
Yes, he never did. Yes, I had to be detained, this time he sent me to Texas.

Johnson Johnson: You made all the windows?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, now you understand me. I mean, I put my hair in this red hair. I have red and black grass
What kind of. Yes, because BT disagrees, that’s strange to me.

Johnson: But they know you.

Brett Johnson: They do that. They are the winners.

Wilson Johnson: So Brett is back in jail and he’s really angry with his father you don’t know in his life.
Take it

Brett Johnson: And my dad hunts the area I founded. There are prisoners in this area
Please try for 10 minutes. Well it would be nice if I could do something for you. Like my sister, I apologize
For him. He then told Dennis, and Dennis was there, I was in Kent, and Danny was in North Carolina for seven hours by car, so he
told him
And Dennis was the woman who sat in the car talking to me for 10 minutes to see if she loved me and I drove for 7 hours. To you
At that point, he sent me to jail for eight months and sent me to a Texas prison, but I never saw him.
Five years. Well, it’s been two years since then, so I guess
Imprisonment is not only what I did to help these people, but I agree to a violation of the law.

Johnson: Are you looking for a soul?

Brett Johnson: Well, you’re going to get to know a lot, because prison is tired
Unless you are dealing directly with violence, there is no time for action that is beyond your control. Where have you been
Accept what you did or get angry and criticize someone. And I’m happy it worked
I wish I was. I came out, I graduated in 2011, and I’m not interested in breaking the law. But no, you will be released again
You will be released from prison by the same equipment you came with. I have been trying for three years and I will never touch
The only work computer I have ever created is a designer I really enjoy. I get 400, 400, 400 a year
After working for weeks and being alone, I feel good. I was there during the month of April.

Music games

Will Johnson: At the same time, Brett met Michelle and married her, but when she returned to work, she returned to her

Brett Johnson: Mitchell is a very different part of the job. It just gets the money out. I think that’s how it should
Nothing. I have to give something. It must be. So I went to the store, bought a stolen credit card and started
Ask for food and I will be arrested and imprisoned within ten months. Michelle Michelle was also with me. Well then (proud)
Sorry, he never asked her, never did, and never hesitated there.

Will Johnson: I saw the last thing out of prison, the most important and the most important thing is a call.
Like Michelle, who didn’t tell her anything. Steps to sort things out

Brett Johnson: That’s why I like going to LinkedIn. You know he’s one of the biggest computer criminals
When I committed a crime in Pittsburgh, cybercrime ended. I sent a message
LinkedIn I’m happy, hey, I respect everything you buy. I think you did a useful job, they really respect you
So I want to do something that is not legal. My husband trusts me too.

Johnson: Brett’s credit for starting a new life. They start talking to the police,
Download and share everything you know about the black web. Here is the date; Discover the secrets of a small website
She helped him on today’s big black site.

It finally has 4,000 members. On July 5 last year, the Alpha Bay website was closed on a black website. When closed
They have only 240,000 members online.

Music recording

Johnson: When you think of a business founder, say, you know, you’re blessed
The first sale of children’s blue collars is a scam. Is there another person I know today?

Brett Johnson: No, I’m not. Guys, I’m not, no, no, I’m talking to this guy
I’m totally different. Honestly, yes, I know that, why it was first known. I did
Then I thought I didn’t care. But hey, you’re lucky about me
Some hackers saw others and I suffered a lot. I’m stealing, I’m no longer working with people who steal
That doesn’t mean I was a shy person at the time, I thought I would watch anime right now. And I said I’m okay
I’m a person now, but I’m a good person
At this point, I can assure you that my decision in the future will do more harm than good.

Teaching music

Quinn Johnson and AARP Scammer Watch network ambassador Frank Abigala are back. Lots of scams and scams
This list does not list people, phone numbers, credit cards and so on.

Frank Abginal: People always remind me that I’m selling information and that money comes in two forms. Just like money
As a matter of fact, this is information about money, and in fact it is selling information on the dark web and selling
Scrolling through the dark web, the recorder creates a chat room
Display this information. He’s smarter now.

[Williamson: William Johnson: Let me ask a guide to our visitors if your credit or credit card is stolen.
Either way, your bank account number and worry, oh, now on sale in the Fear Zone,
What are we doing?

Frank Abaniel: You know, my philosophy, what I say and write does not have to be normal.
My card only uses credit cards. No credit card, credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card. Every day
I used my credit card all my life. No, I spend my money, I spend money on money market accounts
Benefits No one knows where it is because it has never been revealed to anyone. I came to the store with my credit card.
Go to the detective on my credit card. I came by plane this morning with a credit card. I’m doing it now
I can only protect my number, but if someone can find my number tomorrow and borrow a million
Tickets, my debt under federal law is zero. Yes, even if I use my credit card and pay the bills or some other part of it.
Her credit score has improved, so I’m paying off the loan. If you have a credit card and use a credit card, it will be displayed
They collect their money from their bank account. And you can use this credit card for another 20 years. 10 times
You cannot increase your credit score in one day every day. It will happen. So I only use a credit card. You have to pick it up
Something via the internet and of course not fluent. If I buy a damaged item online, I will not return it, m
Saved If I travel online and the whole site is nice and I order something and never buy it, I’m sure. So I always thought about
Folks, I don’t worry too much about my credit card on a scary network, the fact that I don’t have credit for it,
I was ready to let my credit card company know that I had not made my request within 30 days of receipt.
In my opinion I am not responsible for these cards.

Johnson: What about money? Do I have to be paid?

Frank Abaniel: I was looking for something to call a bank from my bank. I don’t want this Visa, MasterCard tag. I know
We don’t want it to end.

Will Johnson: It always is.

Frank Apnagel: That’s right.

Will Johnson: I think its like the first one

Frank Abangel: And they still do. My bank said I only want one ATM card.

Will Johnson: Use your Frank Advice credit card to get it to an ATM.

Frank Avaniel: I know. But honestly, I walked around and came back from there
You need to be there and pay for your device using VISA or MasterCard. He paid a price but it worked
Cheap Insurance No one is in your bank. You just have to approve your visa application.

Will Johnson: Fired and Model Jane’s Betting
This page, the deceptive social networking site Facebook page, has completely changed the sales and revenue path.
Time. So be careful, but for your words, you will now participate.

Music is important

Will Johnson: Jane. Thanks again for coming

Jane Beam: Story. Thank you very much

Johnson: What advice would we give you? Jane is a great tree. Brother

Jane Beam: Wow, okay.

Johnson: Jane Beam has been convicted, right?

Jane Beam: Yeah, I don’t think so. I start a Facebook page on a corrupt network and see fraud every day.
I was disappointed.

Johnson: It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Tell me what happened.

Jane Beam: In fact, when I work with counterfeit goods, I usually look at my credit card information.
Sometimes I think accounts, corporate debt and everything is fine
One morning I saw my credit card loan report and saw a two-month payment to check TransInion loans. And that
All prizes are between $ 95 and .9 19.95 and I got a red. I was scared because I thought it was TransUnion
I’ve paid twice for payments and credit checks, so I doubt it’s anything.
I was happy and didnt even think about it. So I changed the number of 800 entered
Payment with credit card . I was there, checking my information, so a pretty girl on the phone told me:
I actually called it OHH when I rang the credit card
First I have to do my own business

Johnson: Genie creates a Facebook page for the Fragam network. Where can we find more information?

Jane Beam: visit and follow me.

Johnson: Thank you, thank you. Thanks to my friend Frank Abagnall, ambassador of the fraud investigation network.

Frank Abagnale: It looks hopeless, it stays. Thank you for visiting.

Willie Johnson: More and more information to save yourself or your loved ones
Music, ARPS Fraud, ARP. / Visit Fredwinet Chess Chase, Thanks to Julie Gaze, Bruno
Welcome to Alice Ditt, audio Dio Engineers Steve Barbart and Julio Gonzalez. Full ARP, by IM Johnson.

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