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Germany’s heaviest sentence of 13 years in prison

There is a court in Germany
Killing two people in prison for child abuse is the worst
The victory of post-war nations

Detmold District Court is not guilty
Two boys were raped by a girl and a dozen boys
Ages 3 to 14 and have produced over 450 pornography

Andrei Vasilievich is 56 years old.
And Mario S., 34, sentenced to 13 years and 12 years in prison,
Respectfully The German privacy laws do not permit the authorities to agree
The names of all.

Check out these two guys
He was arrested after serving a life sentence. According to him
If not, one decision can be explained by two
All his life.

There are plans to file a third party case
The fear of killing killed more than 400 children in the camp
1 Germany’s growth rate from 1998 1998 to 201 from.

Andreas V. Camp life
If there are six,
The complainants stated that they used requests for other children.

German police have released suspect Anders V.
Gandhi became the first pedophile leader to use his family
The camp has been a source of activity for centuries
Children and trash are considered as illegal industries.

Senior officials said they collected ten
Computers, four cellphones, more than 0 devices and more
Around 40,000 new media reports were reported by Andreas V and two others

The party is watching the country,
Police recently confirmed the information
Because the evidence is not in the hands of the police.

Despite allegations of sexual harassment
Andreas W. received permission from the office in 2016
6 year old boy

Regional Office for Youth Protection

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