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Germany shows a growing number of patients taking drugs from Darknet sources

darknet Germany shows a growing number of patients taking drugs from Darknet sources
Darknet Germany shows a growing number of patients taking drugs from Darknet sources

Germany is facing a huge increase in drug trafficking and crime. According to the Federal Service
Criminal investigation (or BKA), the country’s darkest drug case in seven consecutive years

For seven consecutive years, the number of “dark drug networks” and drug-related crimes has increased. Holger Mnch, president of
BKA, discovered
In 2017 alone, nearly 3,30,600 drug-related crimes were recorded.

According to him, the increase in cybercrime, especially on the illegal Internet, makes it difficult to access drugs.

Because the barriers to entry into the darkroom market are relatively small, people who want to try drugs are more likely
so it can be done.

Mnch has created a profitable business base as BKA remains the main focus.
And online analysts

KREMA children’s market
Cannabis plays a leading role in drug-related crime. According to the latest statistics, it is around 60% in Germany
These crimes are related to this illegal drug.

Efforts to legalize cannabis and the fact that it is a low-risk drug are not Germany’s biggest concern.
At the moment.

Although cannabis production has increased by nearly 12% since 2016, they have seen cocaine
An even greater increase of 18 percent.

Hamburg police officers seized more than three tons of cocaine in early 2017.

In addition, the number of cases of heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamine increased last year.

Address significant increases in drug-related cases. It was reported by the German Crime Bureau
Investigations into secret drug trafficking cases (or BKAs) cover the state for seven consecutive years.
Closed for everyone’s life

Weapons, knives and cocaine float on the floor.
German traffic and drug-related crimes are expected to increase significantly. He said at the German federal agency
Criminal Investigations (or BKA), a national drug case, has been spreading for seven years in a row
The impact of the dark road on crime rates in the country has intensified over time.

In addition to the drug trade, the Germans are also fighting the rebels
[Most commonly seen

The BKA conducts more than 600 public market surveys.

The arms market does not take into account the main problem in the EU’s response to the war.
Serious crimes.

The problem arose after the July 2017 issue in which he killed several people.
There are rules that are not sold on the black market.

The 18-year-old gunman and four other people were killed in the Munich clashes
His life and many others were badly damaged.

Since its inception, German police have been vigilant in the fight against the health care market.

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Darknet became a killer. Plants are one of the most important themes of our time
At the same time, Germany expanded.

Europe also lost to Europe in a brutal war [

The EU-assisted program provides Germany with the tools needed to fight terrorism.

The collaborative process involves the integration of information, mathematics and knowledge.

This program includes many drugs and weapons for sale on the dark web.

Many of them were arrested during the operation. Investigators conclude that new suppliers are often wrong
Darknet. Not developed before.

In general, the authorities are constantly developing new ways to attract special funds.

The German Criminal Investigation Department focuses on online police training that can teach these tools.
Easily identify future offenders.

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