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Germany reports drug cases arising in Dortmund

darknet Germany reports drug cases arising in Dortmund
Darknet Germany reports drug cases arising in Dortmund

Germans are fighting against serious laws on drug trafficking and drug trafficking. According to the German prime minister’s
Criminal Investigation (or CSR) has increased the number of crimes committed in the past seven years.

Illegal drug trafficking increases drug crime every five years. HCA President Hugh Mitch was spotted
In 2017 alone, about 330,600 drug incidents occurred.

The increase in the crisis of the future, especially in the dark, will allow them to obtain less harmful substances, he said.

It blocks a few of them in the market for Darknet, so testing the drug is easy
This is the reason.

Manch called this issue the foundation of a profitable business and said it would be the bank’s main goal.

Serious crime
Mystery is the leader in drugs. Recent data make up about 60% of Germany
These crimes are associated with this illegal practice.

The effort to legalize marijuana and low-risk drugs is not the biggest problem in Germany
This one.

In 2016, cocaine increased by 12% in cannabis
It also grew by 18%.

Law enforcement officers in Hamburg seized more than 3 tonnes of cocaine in early 2017.

In addition, there is an increase in patients associated with heroin and amphetamine.

According to the German Federal Office of Scientists, you are opposed to the rapid rise of the drug business and drug-related
Investigations into cases of dark drugs (or BKA) that have been in the country for seven consecutive years.
Buy weapons on the dark web

Weapons, knives and coffee thrown into the ground
Germany is experiencing an increase in drug trafficking and drug-related crime. According to the charge of the German Federal
Criminal investigations (or BKA), the worst drug cases in the country, have existed for seven consecutive years.
The Dark Network has adversely affected the country’s crime rates over time.

In addition to drug-related crimes, as well as the fight against German cybercrime
It is important

BKA surveyed more than 600 black products.

These unlimited arms markets represent a serious threat to the EU as a result of the war.
Against crimes committed in the dark.

The incident was reported in July 2017, when someone with a firearm killed and injured several people.
The use of illegal weapons purchased in black market examples.

The shooter is an 18-year-old German citizen who killed nine people in an attempted murder in Monaco.
Life and many other injuries.

With this call, the German police are vigilant and vigilant in the dark industry.

Responds to account prices

Darknet’s evil is a little forgiving. The sale of tobacco is one of the main problems of the police here
Nothing will happen in Germany now.

The world works with Europe to fight crime on the dark web [

The EU-funded project provides the skills and resources needed to combat black crime.

The completed project also contains general data, statistics, and information.

This special operation includes many drugs and weapons sold in black cloth.

They arrested many people because of their actions. Investigators have concluded that the new publisher acknowledged the error
Initially dark and bright.

In general, executives decide to create a new world with special effects.

Federal investigations focus on training cyber crime which can be investigated in this way.
This place is easy to find.

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