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Germany reports an increase in drug sales

darknet Germany reports an increase in drug sales
Darknet Germany reports an increase in drug sales

Drug trafficking and drug-related crime are increasing in Germany. According to the German Federal Office
Drug smugglers (or BKA) drug smugglers will be charged in the country for seven consecutive years

Drug-related crimes and drug-related crimes have been developing for seven years in a row. Holger revealed Manch BK
In 2017 alone, around 330,600 drug crimes were reported.

According to him, the rise of drug violations on the Internet, especially on the dark web, has increased the chances of illegal

With several obstacles along the way to access the Darnett Market, it’s easy and convenient for people with drug abuse.
It may be.

The conference noted that this issue is at the heart of business values and remains the focus of BKA.
Also basketball.

When it comes to beauty, marijuana is a priority. The new figures show a 60% increase in Germany
These side effects were related to this drug.

Legalizing cannabis and low-risk drugs is not a big problem for Germany.

In fact, in 2016, the incidence of cancer increased by about 12 percent, but coconuts were found
More than 18%

Hamburg police initially seized more than three tons of cocaine.

In addition, the number of patients receiving heroin and hematophthamin increased.

According to the Japanese Crime Bureau, the value of drug trafficking and drug-related crime has increased.
The case study of Darnet (or BKA) drugs in the country has been improved over seven consecutive years.
Weapons purchased on the Internet

Weapons, equipment and cocaine were dropped to the floor
Drugs and drug-related crimes are prevalent in Germany. According to the German Federal Office
Criminal cases (or BKAs), drug cases from black national origin, are steadily increasing.
More recently, the black Internet has had a significant impact on crime in this country.

The Germans fought against drug-related crimes as well as cybercrime
It was important

Becca conducted more than 600 market surveys.

In addition to the crisis in the confiscated arms market, one of the biggest threats to the EU.
In the sin of darkness

The incident took place in July 2017, when several people were killed and injured in the shooting.
Use of equipment purchased in the illicit market.

Gunman is an 18-year-old German man who killed nine people in Munich.
Some were seriously injured.

Since the beginning of the revival, German police have been wary of fighting the market.

The law prevented the cancellation of the shooting

Dark net crime continues. Drug trafficking is one of the most common law enforcement issues today
The situation in Germany is even worse.

Despite the cyber black war on crime, the country unites the powers of Europe.

The so-called EU cooperation project will provide Germany with the necessary resources and resources to leave Germany.

The co-ordination project also involves sharing information, statistics and data.

This group restricts many drugs and weapons sold in the dark.

Many of them were arrested during their careers. Researchers have concluded that new suppliers often make mistakes.
Darkness was no longer mobile.

The government usually needs a new approach to personal power.

The work of federal investigators is focused on training cyber criminals who can detect this type of system.
You’re looking for the wrong people

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