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Germany reported a number of drug offenses with Darknet

darknet Germany reported a number of drug offenses with Darknet
Darknet Germany reported a number of drug offenses with Darknet

Drug trafficking and drug trafficking are taking place in Germany. According to the German Federal Office
In the country seven years ago, criminal investigations (CAAs) and drug-related crimes are on the rise.

[he said
Occupation, crime and drugs for seven years. AAC President Holger Mants is open
In 2017 alone, there were nearly 330 registered drug paraphernalia.

According to him, the growing crime related to illegal drugs on the Internet, especially in the dark world, has led to the illegal
release of drugs.

As barriers to entry into the black market weakened, people sought to use cheaper drugs.
this can happen.

Mint describes the issue as a profitable business fund, but remains the main focus of BKA.
And cyber analysts.

Drug crime
The leader of the crime scene. According to the latest statistics, about 60% are in Germany
These crimes are related to this illegal activity.

Due to the legalization of cannabis and low-risk drugs, this is not a big issue in Germany.
By the time.

In fact, since 2016, the number of cannabis cases has increased by 12% but cocaine
An 18% increase.

In Hamburg, more police have arrested more than 2017 cases in this regard.

The distribution of heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamine increased last year.

He was charged with drug and drug offenses. According to the director general of the German police
The drug supply entered the country over the next seven years with constant monitoring (or BK).
We ask for that

Knives, knives and some information.
Germany is facing increasing security and drug offenses. According to the head of the German section
Smoking (or BK) has been a drug caravan in the country for more than seven years.
The dark path of crime rates has long been a strength in this country.

Germans are fighting cybercrime for drug crime
You need

BKA has conducted more than 600,000 studies in the Darnet market.

The response to the arms trade poses a serious threat to the EU.
Against the crime of Darknet.

The incident took place in July 201 in which one person was killed or others injured.
Use of weapons purchased from Darknet Security.

The shooting was an 18-year-old German, and nine people were killed in Munich.
Others were severely injured.

Since waking up, German police have been vigilant in the fight against the black market.

Introducing the law to the state representative

Cybercrime cannot stop drug trafficking being a common problem today, and law enforcement
Germany’s population has increased dramatically.

Countries also join Europe in the fight against crimes.

The EU-funded project will provide Germany with the skills and resources needed to fight crime.

Project Coordination includes data, statistics, and submitted information.

A large group of these powerful workers discovered many drugs and weapons on the dark web.

Many were arrested for their work. Researchers often confuse new vendors
It’s dark so it’s different from before.

In general, officers are developing new ways to work with special forces.

The German Federal Bureau of Investigation focuses on online police training that can target these forums.
Easy tracking for future criminals.

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