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Germany declares to provide victims of slave trafficking victims

darknet Germany declares to provide victims of slave trafficking victims
Darknet Germany declares to provide victims of slave trafficking victims

In Germany, the quantities of drugs and drugs are on the rise. According to the German Federal Office
The Criminal Investigation (BCA) has increased the number of crimes committed in the country in the last seven years.
Right now

Stimulate traffic and focus on drug activity for seven consecutive years. BKA President Holger Mnch appeared
In 2017, there were 37 cases against 6,600.

He says drug-related crimes, especially on the dark web, have allowed illegal access to these things.
It will be easy.

Low barriers to entering the black market have made it easier for drug experimenters

Munch called it a profitable business because he made sure it was still a BKA center.
And computer analyst

Photos from the violence
Marijuana is a major drug-related crime. Recent statistics show that about 60% in Germany

Legalizing marijuana, drugs is not a big problem for Germany

Barriers In 2016, approximately 12% of honey-related problems were reported.
An 18 percent increase

In early 2017, Hamburg police seized more than three cocaine.

In addition, the number of cases of heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamine has increased over the past year.

Fruit and fruit trade is also increasing. According to the German Federal Office
Investigators (or BJP) say seven years have passed since the country was convicted of drugs.
Weapons were purchased in a dark place

Weapons, knives and cocaine were assembled on the ground.
Germany is promoting drug trafficking and illegal trafficking in Germany. According to the German Federal Office
Criminal Investigation (or BKE): Crime committed over a period of 7 years
Over time, the impact of dark Web sites on the country’s growing crime.

In addition to drugs, Germany is also involved in war and civil war
[That’s a great idea
Please enter.

BKA has conducted more than 600,000 surveys of the Darnet market.

The popularity of moving to the market due to war poses an even greater risk to the EU.
Darnett is a criminal.

I will remember the problem after July 2017. This is an incident in which several people were killed by a pistol.
Use a fair selection from Darnett Market.

The shooters were 18-year-old Germans and nine people were killed in a shooting in Munich.
Survivors and many others were seriously injured.

Later this week, German police became more cautious and vigilant to avoid blind trade.

Payment decision program

Dark crimes are almost impossible. The pharmaceutical industry is currently one of the most important legal issues.
It has developed a lot in Germany.

The country is already a partner in Europe in the fight against crime in the dark network.

The project, called EU funding, gives Germany the skills and resources needed to reduce darkness.

The standard plan includes common information, numbers and information.

This trained team has increased the number of drugs and devices sold in the dark network.

Many people were arrested during his actions. Observers believe new suppliers are wrong
Not configured as Darknet and the previous.

Officers usually develop new ways to deal with special forces.

The German Federal Bureau of Investigation focuses on training cyber police officers to inspect such platforms.
Find criminals easily in the future.

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darknet The Munich terrorist reportedly bought a gun from the Dark Network

The Munich terrorist reportedly bought a gun from the Dark Network

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