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German police drug store at dusk

German police recently attacked the dark drug market and closed all major markets.

* Place Dream Market
* Wall Street Market
* Vallah Market
* Silk Road 2.0
* New graphics card

Many German and Dutch police forces have closed many markets.

According to the German DIF, the FBC arrested two drug traffickers in Los Angeles. There was a place on the beach
Name Cash Street Market.

[: Different types of text
The money was seized.

Destructive sites are sites that go through a web search engine.

He joined the process with the Europol Police of the Netherlands and the European Union Police. Dutch police tweeted
It’s off.

German police arrested a 31-year-old man in Bud Villa, 22 years old yesterday and 29 years old in Eslangen.

According to police, more than 500,000 computers (101,222,250) used for illegal activities were fined.
Bitcoin and Moniro over 1 meter in the hands of the computer.

The full story can be found in the section.

Dreams come true, it’s hard to find something new. Than the Darknet store
Be careful, give before you give. Not all money is spent elsewhere
In the context of intimidation of customers:

With the approval of the bill, 65 rules were adopted, 29.5 .. 5 kg of drugs, 1 gun and more than ten million dollars (million
dollars) were destroyed.
Computer money, 48 2.48 million and 1,000,000 gold coins). 12 agreements,
Participate with interest in the country’s guidelines on ethical behavior regarding drug hazards.

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