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German police attack the drug market in dark nets

German police recently went into details about illegal drug markets and seized large markets.

* Location Dream Market
* Wall Street Market
* Vallah Market
* Silk Road 2.0
* Alphabet

Several other markets were closed by German and Dutch police.

The German news agency DPA reported that the FBI had arrested two drug lords in Los Angeles. The site will collapse later and
through it
Cash Street Market head.

[Or I swear
The money was taken

Failed sites are part of a website that is outside of regular search engines.

The Dutch police and the European Union, the European Union are also involved in the development process. Dutch police via tweet
It confronts consumers.

German police arrested a 22-year-old man in Bedville, a 29-year-old man in Cleve and a 29-year-old man in Eslangen.

Police say they have seized computers used for illegal activities and more than Rs 500,000 (101,222.50).
Bitcoin is an expensive machine because it is a monoro computer currency of more than 1 meter.

That’s the whole story!

I had a long dream about this. Rejection is very difficult to accept. This is not a dark case either
The lights will go out before they go out. Or they dont always work, which is a point
In them. Said the frightened customer.

Courts by law 65 courts for drugs, 29.5. Pay, pay1 – for guns. More than a million (over a million dollars) had to be paid.
Computer money, .4 2.4848 million real money (, 000,000,000 gold). 122 sessions coordinated. More:
The conspiracy is a labor company that abuses opium opioids through surgical examination.

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