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German agent Darknet refuses to sell his girlfriend’s cocaine in Munich

He said he bought a large quantity of cigarettes and ecstasy from Darknet and presented them to his ancestors.
Address box:

However, the prosecutor is not the one who accused 29-year-old Kim H. (the name was changed). Fall
In 2017, a businessman was already convicted accused of starting a drug trafficking operation directly in and around Munich.
Smoke hard. To make matters worse, he said he was only 17 years old.

The defendant defended all charges in court

He said they took an assistant to fight the buyer who paid for his medicine and counterfeit money.
It depends on money and things.

True theft never stops and consumers will survive by pressing pepper.

However the state parks are convinced Sam HH will have fun in December 2017 and stay in another hotel.
On Tuesday around Munich, a court ruled that he and his wife had traveled to Romania.

Also used for other tokens. Rome’s friends didn’t save him from the darkness
U. When it comes to pharmaceuticals, it leads to buyers and sellers, but it is not. And you know nothing
About the story of a thief, and then you learn.

The case is still pending.

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