Georgia State Patrol agency infected with ransomware

Police said a Georgia state patrol was the target of a July 26 virus attack that required its servers and network to be shut down.

According to WHNT ‘s local news office, the GSP reported that these cases may have a slight impact on police response times; However, members of the force still have anonymous communication channels, such as radio broadcasts, to carry out their duties and coordinate in the event of accidents.

GSP is a division of Georgia’s Department of Public Safety, where an employee first reported the attack after receiving an odd notification on his or her computer.

“We just had a message on the screen that looked a little weird,” GSP Lt. Stephanie S. reports the WGCL/CNN message. “Our security department notified the Georgia Technology Authority, reporting the invasion. They shut down servers and the network “to isolate the problem and make sure it didn ‘t get more widespread.

Government agencies in Georgia have been subjected to extortion attacks many times since 2018. Earlier this month, attacks struck the Lawrenceville Police Department and the Georgia judiciary, and last year the city of Atlanta suffered major disruptions after contracting the SamSam virus.

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