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Full story of how the FBI arrested a man and European authorities trying to buy Polonium 210 from the Berlusconi market.

darknet Full story of how the FBI arrested a man and European authorities trying to buy Polonium 210 from the Berlusconi market.
Darknet Full story of how the FBI arrested a man and European authorities trying to buy Polonium 210 from the Berlusconi market.

Mercury switches, also called shawl switches, are usually used on cars.
The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of the U.S. military base.
Director: Om Kalla Kalla

This comes from the testimony of a man, George Orch Carmona
Earlier this week, the “Kala El” case was in court
Donatella Franco Dimich.

The Kremlin offers detailed historical exams about the June event
The month will be held in Kiliza from 10 August to 29 March
He was accused of importing illegal ammunition.

On June 10, 2019, the police notified about a foreign relative
The security service is trying to buy unknown polonium
210 on the map network ent fentanyl.

He was contacted several times from January 1 to 8
The purpose of this pen is for a person who is 165 cm tall
It is 175 cm long and weighs 55-60 kg. Published as a fact
893 users have changed unknown brands
Customers 2F108X2 and Foktrot108XRAI were asked what the value was
He needs 210 polonium.

Good polynomial
The MONIKER 2F108X project on a dark website is used for mobile phones
Berlusconi asked the suspect where the products were exported
They said they were hiding in small packages
For example, Bluetooth speakers avoid radiation

Later, retailers and consumers agreed to extend it
Their PGP discussions (good information) use semi-structured interviews
ALPHA code for consumer authentication.

Polonium 210 is an external radioactive substance
It means death to the body, but only if fat is used
The same thing was used to fix Russia’s radiation deficit
Alexander Litvinenko, former FSB ambassador in 2006.

The seller said no one doubted Polonium 210
It only releases alpha radiation, Cremona added
The seller told the buyer that he would die of pneumonia
Two weeks.

Deliver news and customers in two weeks
Make sure the food does not smell or taste bad.
The salesman asked about the height and weight of future victims, and he did
He said lethal dose should be measured.

Second time in 2019. June 10-24
The client is now told that he needs to use five doses, but he definitely needs it
The seller said five people died with an alpha jump
Radiation poisoning is suspected and treatment will cure it
Initially, only one dose was given. 500 per service,
But repeat offers can be cheaper, he said
The store clerk asked me to make Polonium 210 in the lab for a few weeks.

There are many conflicting messages regarding secure messaging providers
Before sending your secure email to the customer. Mailing Address
[email protected] The seller sent the code word: Marie Curie
Pioneer of Polish radiation research
Determine the interaction of the two.

The seller initially sued Co-Alpha and refused, according to a Cremona official.

Buyer requested Malta shipping details
Buyers should also eat their nose when counting bullets
Otherwise, four drinks will die in two weeks. There
Polio 210 is good, he said.

Perfect for British research
The college said something very important
He asked if it was OK to send him to the EU
An invitation to the UK. No, they don’t, the seller says who it is
Great for simple words.

By pro-mail, Kaleja told her friend in the UK
The seller asks if there can be a good seller in the future
There are rakin fruits. The seller confirmed it was so
He soon said a lot that Rikin didn’t like you.

Calleja cites the address with an address from Essex to England
Roger Tabo, EUF Group Ltd. Essay service. In the end, they paid
From 044458 the price of Bitcoin (358.28) plus will be up to 0.002046 BTC

He said the new vendor is writing to Protonmail with numbers
He said he believes customers have a good reputation
It is appropriate to reject the law for previous tasks (mentioned above)
LE based on waves, which complicates their time.

He is from the United States. Payment will remain in the deposit account until you send the package.

The seller also claims to have a gun, a C4 Glock baseball bat
Sale of defective parts. It sells for all C4 blocks for $ 750
However, both packages purchased during dispatch are subject to payment
He said the carriage cost $ 1,500.

Other emails include details on how to do this.
Turn on Mercury light and security in C4. from
The kids say that the car’s favorite thing is the best
Connect the Lima machine to make a great magnet.

There is a closing page
Once you receive the package in Malta, by the way
Certificates of consumer safety and consumer integrity in the United Kingdom
For angry characters, Kalala is accused of being a seller.
Police trade (you are a pig)
Loss of effort. Wash things down
He said that would be the case if Britain intervened

Shelley replies, “I don’t trust buyers.”
However, the people he met were everywhere
The officers raised their hands.

SuMormel Cremona with colleagues. She got up with him
They went to Arizona airport looking for land mines.
They feature a C4, 9 ts, battery converter and a Mercury battery
Then C4 was destroyed by herds and helmets
Later experts confirmed it was a bomb. Story
34 Try the whole thing by testing the devil.

Bluetooth can be opened without a word
The alarm was added and sent to the street.

IPs of those registered with the FedEx account
Skeletal support is provided to calculate the counts
Maltese nom.

A certificate of illegal play was sent to Malta for reception.

He left Roger Taban, who represented Zumak
Kalija Wakatiya Express runs on the road
The striker refused. Clean people complain about it
The police found some
For help

Leader Matthew Borg was later arrested
notes that he transferred the information to Jomic
Calleja. The company distributed its previous employees
and said he was cooperating with the police, who were stopping Borgs

The university was closed on the way from McDonald’s in Birkirkary
he accidentally fell into the car. Suspicious drugs were also found
police seized several electronic devices. They have been removed
in the United States, expertise, division, and analysis in court.

On August 29, 2019, after his release, he went to the police.
which Jomick College wrote to the retailer and complained about the order
found cats.

It is clear that the police are still investigating a large number
data from electronic devices and heard kumby devices. Will be
the case continues.

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