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Fraud is punishable by up to six years in prison for fraud and identity theft

July 18, 2019 updates

John Michael, 38, and Michael Michael, 38, have been sentenced in the United States today.
Judge John A. Mendes sentenced 6 years and 3 months
See the US Attorney General for disputes regarding email fraud and theft.
By McGregor W. Scott.

As of at least December 2014, according to court documents
In January 2018, Heron participated in the conspiracy
Delivery from the California Department of Labor (EDD)
Requesting the benefits of unemployment insurance. Get started
Heroin and his manager Robert Mehr before skate
They become fake companies and fake employees
The information on the left is the information) and the input
EDD was turned off, or
The lost value will be restored to your credit card
He was taken from Heron, the mayor or his administrative address
A friend of our nuclear ATM camera took heroin
The money was used by registered credit cards and thieves. He’s crazy
Almost connected. 578,185 EDD false
C. 48,484,685 paid for by EDD.

He talked to John Michael Heron II about cooking a trick
EDD asks for the benefits of unemployment insurance
Recognize those who are suffering who do not deserve the same benefits
Compliance with support agencies and government authorities
Agencies to maintain the integrity of uninsured insurance
Los Angeles Special Assistant Abel Serena said
US Department of Basic Services

The evaluator will submit a demo attack without cheating
Patrick W. Schneider, director of EDD; EDD is proud
We will meet with our partners to develop legislation to protect the vibrant community
The problem is, if possible, cheating against fraud.

The case is the result of an investigation by U.S. corporate offices
From the office of the Director General of the Federal Republic
The California Department of Labor has developed a career
Investment office. Amy Schuler Hitcock Assistant General
The worst case scenario in this case.

Compensation for the dead is still pending. Payment only
survey; These are not innocent and will be guilty
In addition to speculation.

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