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Found bug day zero in Windows Notepad App

darknet Found bug day zero in Windows Notepad App
Darknet Found bug day zero in Windows Notepad App

July 18, 2019 update

Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher at the Google Zero project, has discovered some flaws
Past Risks No holes in the recorder have been detected this time that could affect Windows users
operating system.

Daily notification allows you to open a CMD window from inside
Tool notes. Ormandy explained that this is a message
Because the attacker cannot get close to the conversation properly,
Security breach.

It’s a bad thing, as many tweets say. Because some people think the product is a hit.

> Am I the first person to appear on the cover? Believe it or not, this is a true mistake!

Tavis Ormandy (@taviso) May 28, 2019 [

This is a symbolic corruption attempt, which I reported to the MSRC.
I think an unexpected number took me by surprise
product. I said it was a real mistake. I saw some amazing things throughout the week
The CFG switch appears

Tavis Ormandy (@taviso) May 28, 2019 [

> Kimi
I said that using the right memory for corruption is a clear mistake.
It looks like the attacker can’t right-click.
Safe error

Taviso taviso May 28, 2019 [

Soon, some people began to understand the name of the attack. Armana is informally called Bird.

Daily zero error warning. Sometimes I have nothing else
More information is available on Twitter, including Windows
Influential version because the project team has Google
Give Microsoft a 90-day release date
It is possible to work on the security panel.

However, Ormandi could not compose the remote code correctly. He pulls
Learn more about zero-day laptop errors after intercepting them or in a blog post
The special day is over. The error is fully indicated in the various error detection notifications.

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