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Flipboard account information for users

darknet Flipboard account information for users
Darknet Flipboard account information for users

The popular Flipboard Newsflip platform claims to have a user account database.
Invaded during the nine months ending April 22, users can view the data several times
Identity ID, Palo Alto, California, Company Email Address to All Users Reporting a Security Violation
It is published on the Flipboard website for information on data breaches. Total number of affected users
However, as a measure, it has not yet been revealed that the company has returned nearly 150 million users, as well as personal
Encrypted password

Articles [published on their Flipboard page:

> Recently we have seen some people enter illegal.
A database containing personal information about a Flipboard user account.
Including accounts. Due to this request, we
The investigation began immediately, which became an international security company.
Recruitment to support the findings of the Study has shown that
illegal access and possibly some additional
Flipboard 2018 User Center on June 2nd
2019 March 23 2019 from April 21

The company claims to reach some hackers.
Account, username, Flipboard username,
Password encoded by email address

But this is not the end of the story:

> When a user opens a Flipboard account
For both third party accounts, including social media accounts
Databases may contain digital characters that can be connected
Enter an account in this third account. We don’t have it yet
Proof that he or she does not have access to the third-party account
This is related to the flipchart account. As a precaution, we should do this
Replace or delete all digital characters.

Flipboard said not all affected user accounts reset all passwords. Digital
The tokens used to connect to third-party services can be modified, modified, or removed as needed.

The company had to take into account the knowledge of what had happened and instruct the external security industry to investigate
the shortcoming.

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