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Firefox has added a new feature that will make the browser more private

Forget it
Internet service providers, on the other hand, work to provide global records
Wherever you go. It still comes from this
Walks in unfamiliar shapes or sizes.

Great. Internet service providers improve every time you visit Facebook; Illegal water sources; Bad questions you ask on Google
All the things that make you proud are the things that make you ashamed.

Until a few years ago, when https (your browser’s smallest browser) was the first of these, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) –
and everyone who lives between you and your online business – saw it. That means. . At the berth.

Isn’t that great? I’ll talk about Voima ISP later. Now I want to make it clear: the only way to get the best internet connection
is to use VPN – 256 bit keys and AES (access control). The most important thing is a “difference” plan.

However, you don’t think a VPN is fake. In recent years, many VPNs have been archived and, if necessary, sometimes passed on to
the government. Although advertising is different. This is the uncontrolled part.

View all websites visited by ISPs? The answer is yes.

How? Because I’m in Murphy’s Law: He did something wrong. I was anxious to have an internet assistant and a web server to view all
the pages we visited.

What happens if you decrypt your ISP’s data and steal those documents? Isn’t it a great idea to explore the dark pages and use all
our secrets? May

This is a possible and easy scenario.

Needless to say, you need to take online action to take this seriously. So I was encouraged to read the news when Mozilla released
the Firefox update by default this week.

DNS over HTTPs (DoH) (Domain Name System) is a DNS query that encrypts a URL entered into an IP address.

Using a DOH scanner does not require the eyes to be successful when navigating the network

This change affects the domain name service
How to get it online by ordering
Internet Salt Protocol, & nbsp; Related addresses
A computer that distributes related websites.

With the help of traditional ISPs, DNS solves most of these problems without cryptography, secure email, and websites. Your
provider knows the domain name you want to see and hear on the Internet.

Firefox reduces the gap by turning off the ISP and all communication. Instead, it works with Cloudflare, a network security
company that has been offering free DNS and overlays since 2018 and backing up search results.

The provider always checks the internet addresses of the websites
Interview – but in many cases lacks the “content” of the audience
The distribution network includes companies that leave gaps
About your return & nbsp; & nbsp;

Mozilla said it would open automatically in the next few weeks.

To see if the new Firefox feature works or clicks, tap the menu button in the upper right corner, select Settings>, save the
settings in the settings, and then tap. Settings> Purchase: Select DNS over HTTPS However, the changes introduced by Mozilla will
not affect national security, except for the encryption dispute. The government and the National Security Agency want to know what
they see on the Internet for visual reasons.

As citizens, the price we apply in the law must be paid in another way than confidentiality.

It’s funny! And last but not least, since the bad guys in the back pay for a good VPN and dont give their internet experience.
That is why debates around the world are rare.

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