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Firefox announces improved tracking security

July 1, 201 update

Mozilla Firefox announced that it will not play long songs
Security Update (ETP) and Facebook Update
Device, Firefox Monitor, Goose ..

Latest features mean that Firefox is blocking known third party webblocks
Basically, monitoring tools make thousands of businesses difficult
Follow the procedure until June 4th

New users will need to update and download Firefox for the first time.
Detailed security check opens automatically
The browser has many basic settings and general restrictions
3 cookies follow cookie checklist (eg scientist)
post office

Users can now click to view Firefox features
The table list is highlighted by three straight lines at the top.
Enter your browser, external documents and return to your hidden settings
See the cookie box as a platform and set up
Name the third candidate.

In addition, Firefox restricts all three sites from connecting users to Facebook.

Mozilla has introduced new product features to protect privacy and restrict access to email.

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