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Finnish authorities are investigating thousands of suspected Valhalla drugs on the Silkkitie market

Over the years, medicines, drugs, medicines have been recognized internationally
It is sold in retail outlets called Silkkitie and Valhalla. The link is the oldest and most popular in the world
Web-based drug sites.

Online stores such as Silcity increase the supply of medicines in Finland, especially in remote cities.
The owners are the same. The use of the product has increased the popularity of SilkCity and it has been introduced
Three eligible players. The Finnish product can be identified on the Silkcity website on the basis of IT testing
Meet thousands of Finnish sellers and sellers.

In a secret network, service providers automatically trust vendors and create customers.
We believe that advertising in online pharmacies and other illegal products is safe.
This is the responsibility of the authorities and I am not guilty of any crime. If not, this myth has now been shattered, says
Hannu Sinkkonen
, Managing Director – Head of Finnish Training Tools.

Doing business destroys drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

Synckonen said that from 2019. March. The number of drug victims arriving in Finland has decreased.

The Silkkitie website sells other products illegally.
paid in small bitcoins. Drugs and other illegal items were taken from the vendors
customers usually send. Silkkities Chief Executive led the way with five points.
website, but is not involved in the business.

When he returned to the site, there were nearly 400,000 false comments in the Silkkitie business district. About 5,000 arrived
transfer prices and 78,000 goods were sold. Customers often turn their attention to Finland. Silkkitie
Buyers across Finland from 15 to 83. The total market is 50 million euros.

Finnish culture ended in 2014.2019. They conducted the first survey of about 30 vendors on the Silkkitie website. Confirmation
The co-authors of the study are Douppikauppa and Ekstaasikauppa. On pre-sales reviews
Finnish customs officials earn bitcoin up to 20 euros in a blog at Silkkitie prison
The current law is this generation.

During previous research on the Silquity website, Finnish cultures were closely related to French.
Workers include Eurostat (EU member states) and Europol and Finland and national offices
Investigation and Police Department.

The Finnish Institute, the National Assembly and the Ministry of Police have conducted preliminary investigations.
Finnish business owners and buyers also have different ways of dealing with these types of crimes.
Other issues: narcotic crime, crime, trafficking, drugs, weapons and tax fraud.

Finnish police are investigating thousands of books on medicine.
The stupid place

This is an important discovery in the country. At that time, several police stations were closed
The Finnish distribution and file distribution were analyzed by location and style. Among others
Business today, mainly research
The lead author is at the National Research Center.

The magnitude of the crimes varies greatly: some investigations involve trade, others
The parties are over EUR 1 million. Some of the drugs purchased are very large
Police suspect the customer was buying drugs.

In particular, often suspected crimes have been investigated at the Finnish police station.
Ulu Police Department.

This is a sign of market change. The growth of e-commerce has led to widespread drug use
Drugs can be ordered and distributed online in rural and public places. In front
When it comes to communication, drug trafficking is largely focused on big cities.

Information on the purchase order received by the Finnish military police will be released in the coming years.
Police have been chasing the victim for months. People work in silk trade
The website can also handle the local police and introduce themselves. Willie did it
Prepare and promptly respond to surveys.

The National Prosecutor is actively cooperating with the Customs and Police Department against Silketti.
Problems. National prosecutors are being investigated for several crimes
Twenty-two prosecutors were appointed to investigate the case.

During the investigation of the criminal cases, especially together with the prosecutor, brought the perpetrator.
Anna-Rika Ruth argued that there are similar and similar responsibilities when it comes to crime in Finland.
Chief Special Prosecutor of the Federal Democratic Republic of Tajikistan.

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