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Fentanyl’s dream stems from ChemsUsa’s guilty plea

Updated July 27, 2019

Full text from USA:

Jeffrey S. Berman, US District Attorney for Southern New York, Richard Castro, A / C / OneCams,
a / k / a Chems_usa, a / k / a Chemical_usa, a / k / a Jagger109 has a bankruptcy case and agrees to participate.
Distribution plans for the alphabetic distribution of carphenyl, fentanyl and fentanyl in AlfaBay and dark Dream
Market networks. CASTRO
also agreed to raise more than $ 4 million in criminal cases. Castro was found guilty in a district court in the United States
Dennis L. Courtney.

US Attorney Jeffrey S. Berman in Manhattan said:
Hello Richard Castro has been distributing using Dark Net for years.
Eight opioids containing fentanyl
Cornfell. He thinks Castro cannot hide behind anyone else
Use the Internet to cure the Internet with medications like Chems_us and
Chemistry_use. Chimes_sa, thanks to the police
I am currently in prison in the United States.

Richard said
On bail, Castro claimed he filed a court order and presented himself in court

From November 201 to March 2019, CASTRO held for closing
Carfantanil, fentanyl and phenyl fentanyl (analog of fentanyl).
Fenanyl has a more powerful acne effect than this.
Heroin and carfentanyl are the precursors to fentanyl, which is about 100
This is more important than fentanyl. For more places in Castro:
Participants have the opportunity to sell drugs through the parent network
Chemistry, chemistry_and chemistry_use. CASTRO is the director
Network sponsors and owners of this idea. Sorry
Web business, Dream Market, Castro is very popular
Over 3,000 conversions for other website marketing activities, and more
Appendix date of 1800. Chemsasa’s review on owners includes:
It is a very strong and reliable tent like removal
Seriously, work is being done.

In June 201, Castro released Chelmsa Moniker.
Customers who moved their business from the website market
You can buy medicine by encryption.
Chems_usa Marketplace has email addresses ready to learn
Customer payments are required by law
The cost of receiving and verifying encrypted mail
One of Castro’s rescuers, Luis Fernandez, offered him medicine
Names of New York reform organizations.

Castro customers pay for Bitcoins. KASTRO I was doing some cleaning
Medicine can take many forms, including millions of ways.
With a Bitcoin wallet with about 100 purchases
Zimbabwe has a time of four characters from other values.

Under the terms of his defense contract, Castro agreed to keep him
Seven 4,156,198.18 include money or money in seven different classes
Bitcoin and leave your email address.

* I *

Eighty-eight-year-old Richard Castro from Windermere, Florida, pleaded guilty.
Delivery and consultation of the owner for distribution purposes
There are three controls: carfentanil, and phenylpentanyl
Fentanyl has been prescribed for up to 10 years
Coronation and imprisonment; Jam Bill
The maximum compensation was 20 years in prison.
The maximum sentence required by law is determined and given by the Assembly
This is only for information that offends everyone
The accused is appointed by a judge. This phrase must be taken into account
October 25, 2019 and 2:30 p.m. for Coates judges.

Bremen congratulated the United States Research Institute
Survey for Post Offices in New York and
Thank you again Mr. Burma for his famous research work
State Tax and Orange Range County Services, Florida, Sheriff
In this case, your office fee.

This case is handled by the pharmacy.
Vice President, Michael D. Neph, former Alin R, etc.
Ryan B. Finkel led the process.

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