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Fake scams from KR email accounts to avoid URL searches

darknet Fake scams from KR email accounts to avoid URL searches
Darknet Fake scams from KR email accounts to avoid URL searches

Updated July 17, 2019

This code is used in phishing attacks
Security investigation reports are provided to prevent URL scanning.

Researchers at Coffin Security commented on this issue
Use general e-mail for certain types of fishing activities
Most Hoodwink URL analysis messages use a lot of basic HTML
Effectively mix QR code elements and GIF codes
SharePoint Email

Setting up an email is relatively easy
Fake SharePoint email with article line: Review the case
Document content shows infected message: Scan barcode
Show documents Only content that appears in QR codes is attractive
Interested users can analyze, according to the report.

If hidden, the FISH URL will be displayed in the QR code. The reports are very basic, but very effective.

Many email service providers have efficient packages
A security scanner that provides, uses, and disables access links
Accept it. Although this method works
First, determine the URL. Here the QR code is scanned for the victim
On mobile phones, this blocks all security measures.

Victims are advised to pull out and scan their smartphones
The QR code is managed by intruders to ensure standard business security
Mail Security Network C, security services, box,
And users are no longer busy filtering web content
Connect to safe places to catch fish: Ozone
Report on mobile phone.

Smartphones often require a quick app for QR codes
The phone redirects users to malicious websites through a browser. No
In this case, the victim was presented in SharePoint
Fishing brand websites that allow you to connect with AOL,
Microsoft as another account service.

While it looks like a normal fish, it’s a different matter
Unusual gaming technology: Remove user security?
Business Network Companies – Report.

Having a QR code speeds up the whole process
ECET network security expert Jack Moore makes it easy. See
If appropriate, develop the most effective fishing technology
Victims are far from protecting the network of companies and associations
Personal phones, which are usually a problem for vulnerable players. See
However, a tag is required to enter the password
He said more information was needed to train staff.

Ability to scan and connect smartphones
According to EMEA Director Ed Williams, this will make it easier for more colleagues
Spider Trust Lab. Your company has verified some code
This is a campaign.

We try to impress the victim by scanning the QR code
Direct users to our malware website. This is technology
It is part of a larger program and is a very effective attack vector
People dont have that feeling, it just gives a climax, he said.

Trust also plays a big role. SophosLabs was acquired last year
Malware scanners contain potentially dangerous adware
500,000 users. Poorly produces all types of malware
Google Play is a reliable site for downloading popular Android devices.
Books are marked with a sign in this recent post.

Fake use of QR codes has been detected for many years. this is
Many types of mobile malware (especially SMS Trojans) are popular today.
distribute all types of serious malware. WORK
Cyber criminals have already used malicious QR codes for users
simply, warns Kaspersky report [2011

QR codes were supposed to spread malware.
Although this technology is very popular, it will be used by webmasters,
He said.

However, the QR code will not stop the virus.
However, this can lead the user to malicious websites. this is
no one else can read and read these pieces of code
A QR code is not the same as clicking a link to link your name
about the computer.

Coffens said the attack took place
Experienced custom, fur, scans that can be prevented
Williams.Trustwaves Williams and ESETS Moore agree.

You must enter a QR code on the machine
We have to work with the card, but we have to be careful
Force. But its like opening a relationship
You should know that their phone with the URL is faulty or incorrect,
Moore said.

The QR code display should only work with banks
He said the two were not clear about the outcome. And he added
Protect those who have a bad relationship
They change the password when the QR code

Williams also said of a good email. okay
Be careful, be careful about displaying or analyzing your phone to find it
The tools are simple and safe
Use the same code.

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