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Facebook is the partner of MC, Visa, PayPal for its cryptocurrency

Updated July 18, 2019

Facebook takes personal time information about cryptocurrencies. With companies with faster codes
Hi: The last word on the Facebook ad.

According to a recent report, Facebook is in talks with several financial institutions about the books program.
And this list includes MasterCard, Invincible, Invest and Penguin.
And Uber Technologies Inc.

In addition to these companies, these companies
Facebook cryptocurrency by Stripe, and
Library Market Library, along with several additional companies.

The report says it will pay $ 10 million for each Facebook company linked to the cryptocurrency.

For the most part, Facebook is waiting for the development of cryptocurrency
Since December last year. Company,
Cryptocurrency is a payment platform on Facebook and others.

Contribute to this goal
Register for an end-of-body travel bonus as an ATM
Cryptocurrency and heavy ideas as a payment method
This way, cryptocurrency users can see the ad. Facebook
Cryptocurrency also works with WhatsApp and Messenger.

Remember, we do not want certain data and we cannot trust what has been said. Waiting to be read on Facebook
Crypto currency – June 18.

So keep all the information about Facebook cryptocurrency.

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