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Facebook does not violate its privacy policy

2019 July 18 Update

Facebook is doing everything it can to stop the scandal in the Cambridge analysis. But the list of cases
The business is not finished yet.

Facebook manages the layout in Facebook stories. Rule 360 states
[CEO Orin Synder commented on the number of people using social media
They do not expect secrecy.

He said Wednesday to solve the problem, the resolution is not important because there are no resolutions.

Cinder believes that the Facebook desk is a city where people come and share information.

over there
make me search diligently
personal expectations So far, he has tried to make sure he is safe
Facebook is putting more focus on the past and the future.

District court judge Vince Chabria Siders rejected his opinion, citing Facebook policy.

Here it is
This happens when not only Facebook, but also the largest tech companies open
problems related to personal biology. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO
In the horizon, this often reflects the emergence of social networks
ensuring privacy and security on your site
for consumers.

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