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darknet EXIF DATES

Speaking of metadata earlier, I forgot to mention that there is another danger with a photo called EXIF.
Data is another form of image metadata that cannot be properly deleted as anonymous metadata
The above guide.

EXIF data means that a file format that changes the image format also affects JPG, JPEF, TIF, and WAV files. The picture was taken
with GPS turned on
By default, the camera can detect the exact location and time of the entry and the unique device identification number
Often without the knowledge of consumers. In December 2012, John McAfee was arrested in Guatemala for anti-virus software.
Expected persecution in Belize with normal borders.

Information about Ekifim
[Published magazine
Exclusive interview with McPhee, photo of McPhee with the phone number of the assistant informant.
The image defines geographically. McAfee, who has GPS coordinates in the photo metadata, is based in Guatemala and was arrested
for two days.
That’s what happened

To avoid this, take pictures only when using a PNG file, as it does not save EXIF data. You can check if your image has an EXIF
detection function
For information on this page, see this page. [
Or, you can use a quick search on the Internet to find out what EXIF information they may have before downloading your photos.

Be careful with all the files you upload to the internet as you never know what inappropriate files might be associated with
It’s worth taking advantage of the protesters, but don’t forget to look at everything you say on the internet as evidence that can
be used against and against you.
Prepare each day when the food arrives

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