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darknet EXIF DATA

When I talk about metadata, I forgot to mention above, and when it comes to images, there is another related problem called Exif.
Intuitively, this is another way of combining metadata information and cannot be easily extracted using remote control.
The above equipment

Exif data comes from image file conversion methods that affect JPG, JPEF, TIF and WAV files. Aerial image has GPS
The camera can randomly capture place and time using normal photo IDs.
There is usually no user information. In December 2012, microbiologist John McPhee was arrested while fleeing Guatemala.
With the Belize Massacre, this is the limit.

[Newspapers are published
Exclusive interview with McAfee, including a photo of McAfee and a telephone reporter.
Illustrated picture. Photo metadata includes a McAfee GPS-based GPS search in Guatemala and was arrested for two days
That’s enough.

To prevent this, shoot the PNG image as it does not collect INF data. To verify that you already have Exif enabled
You can find more information on this website. [
Or you can download the device with a quick online search to see if your image still contains EXIF information.

Be extremely careful about all the files you put on the internet, because you never know what bad data is associated with them.
This will help you get used to the guilt, but everything online always shows you and your practice as a possible sign.
Always be prepared for things to do at your door

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