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Events and activities used for personal theft on Google Calendar

darknet Events and activities used for personal theft on Google Calendar
Darknet Events and activities used for personal theft on Google Calendar

Updated July 18, 2019

According to the researchers, this method invites and uses Google events to collect spam.

The trick is very simple: oppress
Calendar invitations do not require phishing URL link
Send to Gmail or GeePer user. As always smart phones
Gmail automatically adds places to the calendar and notifies users
In his fame. If a user clicks on the link, they will be sent to a web page
Or download it automatically. A window should be displayed
Google Calendar is as secure as these users
Contact them and spam files have been installed
So does the community.

Katzky researchers have suggested that the ISP provides cards that do not require links to phishing URLs.
Maria Virgilis, last page

The display screen appears on the mobile screen and is recommended for purchase within the chain. D.
The text of the article asked victims to enter credit card information and some personal information.
Send live.

Researchers in Kaspersky found examples of mock research
This is determined by the user. You have received a gift of money,
Or have your money transferred.

Noman Hart, cloud security expert at Digital Guard,
“This news highlights the general trend: aggression,” he told SC Media UK
Again, consumers are above the basics
Program design Likewise, Google wants to be aggressive
Pay attention to problems when we get answers
The call calendar seems to have disadvantages that reflect everyone’s environment
Programs and messages are currently attracting our attention
Come back, imagine we’d be scared if people we didn’t know got together
Still asking rude questions?

Users should have more applications to monitor system activity
Also, the display mode during installation should be low
One brings these other benefits to improving work and working life
Balance the balance and reduce as normal. The facts prove it
It takes a smart device to get rid of things
Rest and happiness.

Boris Tsipot, Insurance Engineer, introduces this
It is important to be careful even with trusted applications:
Ask for all emails and in this case your invitation. But yes
If you feel strange, wrong or difficult, ask the person who sent the invitation.
If he really wore it. Don’t click on a link or attachment, but don’t search for it
Look for false signs: false words, statements
Translation, unique information, etc. If in doubt, it’s best to give up. – How?
Kaspersky claims that you are not automatically your friend in this case
This is because you were not automatically invited to login to your calendar system
Calendar, but better to see and add

In a statement, Google said it was a Google content service
Copyright infringement prohibits the transfer of a disability
Service and we try to protect and destroy the environment
Relax The fight against spam is a constant war and continues
Great ad, maybe spam.

We promise to protect all users from spam:
We publish the content of unsolicited posts and send it to customers
Spam is published in Google Drive Calendar and Google Photos
Avoid spamming your mail with Hangouts. Finally we are
Protect users from being warned of harmful effects
Google Chrome SafeSearch URL on.

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