Easy – Extremely Simple Empire Market 4 Step Phishing Protection Guide

Hi. Today I am going to share a very simple but very effective method to protect you from phishing attacks. As can be seen in the comments section on the Empire Market page, a large number of users complain that they were caught and lost all their money while trying to access the Empire Market. So I decided to publish this guide as soon as possible.

There are many articles on the Internet that try to teach you how to defend yourself from phishing, but they fail. Why? Because they have too much detail that they lose the meaning of the article and confuse the user. My main goal is to make leadership short and understandable.

There are two types of phishing. (1) Simple (2) Advance. Briefly tell you about them and then review the simple guide to get 100% protection. Everything will be easy and fast.

Simple phishing: scammer. Installs a fake login page with the same design. When you try to log in, you just get a message with the wrong password or it ‘s redirected to the login page on a real website. This phishing method is very easy to detect and can be avoided simply by allowing p2 authentication.

Advance method: A scammer installs a fake website and uses the Proxy to get a real website. The only thing he controls is the deposit and withdrawal addresses, the other sites are real, they are retrieved by a trustee in real time. These kinds of phishing attacks are very hard to spot, and most victims think they ‘ve been tricked by the site because everything seems legitimate, but it ‘s not really.

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Empire Market Fool Proof Phishing Protection

Links from a trusted source, such as our site, are always used first. This is the most important step, so don ‘t forget it.
Check the link in the browser address bar by clicking the Check button.

You ‘ll see the captch screen. Enter captcha correctly.

You will receive a pgp message containing the URL you are accessing. Now compare this URL to the URL in your browser, if they don ‘t match, you ‘re on a phishing site, leave the site immediately, and you don ‘t need to follow the next steps. After checking the links, copy the signed message and paste it into the pgp software.

Now click the “Check” button of the pgp software. If the message is indeed signed by Epiremarket, you will receive the message “Text has been fully signed: Epiremarket < empiermarket @ none, com >” with a green background, in case of error will be a red background. The entire process will not take more than 50 seconds.

Turn on Pgp 2 FA. It protects against simple phishing and password hacking. If you never used the pgp key then I urge you to follow our extremely simple Pgp Tutorial. This will take no more than 2 minutes. To enable pgp 2fa, simply go to the profile page, add a pgp key and select enable 2fa authentication from the drop-down menu and click Save Changes.

Never share your PIN, especially when someone requests it on a login page, password reset page, or by using a message impersonating an administrator or maintenance staff. You can only share your PIN with your staff with support.

That ‘s all you had to do to save your money. If you need any advice then feel free to share it in the comments section below. I ‘m always happy to help you guys.

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