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Easy! Encrypt the hard drive using the original track

darknet Easy! Encrypt the hard drive using the original track
Darknet Easy! Encrypt the hard drive using the original track

Updated May 18, 2019

VeraCrypt is a free source code encryption based on the most popular Cryptiper True. It provides better security
The algorithms used to encrypt systems and partitions allow them to defend themselves against new events with bright attacks.
This fixes a number of vulnerabilities and security issues in TrueCrypt.

Greater security does not prevent encrypted sites from opening without affecting performance
Level of Use: The law owner may accept this, but the culprits are very difficult to find.
Encrypted data is a one-step compatible database that can be linked to the True Crypt section and converted to cryptocurrencies.

If you did not have step 1, download and install the VeraCrypt file. Then double-click VeraCrypt.exe to start VeraCrypt
Or click “VeraCrypt” on the Windows menu.

Step 2. The EraCript time will appear. Click the Create folder (marked with a red line).

hap2 [3. The W-Erarackcript Wizard Wizard Wizard will appear. In the process, you will choose where you want to track the weather
Money received. A magazine can be a folder and a file, also called a box, in a department or device. Look inside
Tutorial, we first select and create a C-track folder in this file. Although the option is default, you are set
Just press the button again. Note: In the following steps, the screenshot shows the exact area of the professional window.

hap3 [4. In this step, you must choose whether you want to create a single or hidden notebook in Trackscript time. We chose this
Pre-selection and constant configuration change. To select an option directly, click Next.

hap4 [5. In this step, you need to specify the location where you want to create the recording time (paper bag). Known for Vratsa
A file is defined like any other file. For example, it can be played or deleted just like any other file. And you have a name,
Select the next step.
Click to select a file.
Windows capabilities should always appear (when the WeraCript security expert opens.)

Step 5 [6. In this tutorial we will create the Veracrypt notebook in the F: \ Data \ and Volume (Container) folder.
So that’s my notebook
See picture above.) Of course you can choose anything
Requires filename and storage location (eg USB stick)
Paul). Note that the FileMy volume does not yet exist. Created by Veracrypt.

Important: Note that Veracrypt is not encrypted there
Files (creating Veracrypt containers). If you want
Files available for this step will be changed and replaced with this file
Button created (so the file is saved in another file)
Lost and not printed). You can
Go to the Veracrypt volume to encrypt existing files (see below).
It’s happening now. * *

In File Selection, select the desired path (where you want to create the container). Enter the file name of the desired container
File column.
Click “Save”
The selection window is hidden.
The next step is to return to the Veracrypt Creation Volume Assistant.

* After copying unpublished files in the Veracrypt volume, the original file must be safe (deleted).
Unpublished file. There are programs that can be used for safe (usually free) removal.

Author. In the Creation Wizard window, click Next.

Step you can select the encryption algorithm and the hashing algorithm for audio. If you don’t know where to choose,
Use the default settings and click Next

Step 9. [Here we indicate that our VeraCrypt file should be saved with 250 MB. In fact, you can specify one
The rules vary. If you enter the desired field in the input field (indicated by the red triangle), click Next.

9 separate [10. It’s a good system. Here you have to choose the right tone. Read the full details
Windows Assistant indicates the type of password you want.
If you selected the correct password, enter the correct address. Then click on the following link
Click Next. Note: Enabling this button is disabled if the password in the field is not the same.

paso10 . Move the mouse pointer to the minimum contact index in the Create End Alert window
It’s a witch. If you can remove the mouse, more (moving the mouse for at least 30 seconds is recommended). This one
Encryption keys increase the effect of encryption (which increases security).

Click on the form.

You need to start doing things. VeraCrypt creates a file now called My Object in the F: \ Data \ folder (mentioned step by step)
6). F This file is a VeraCrypt container (roughly encrypted VeraCrypt). To the extent
Creating things takes a long time. When the operation is completed, the following dialog box will appear:

step11 [Click OK to close the text box.

Steps 11-1 [12. I created a VeraCrypt volume (file container). In the Advanced VeraCrypt window
Click Finish.
The poisoned place disappears.
In the next steps, the created volume is loaded. Return to the main VeraCrypt window (still needed)
If it is open but not there, repeat step 1 and run VeraCrypt and go to step 13.)

12-step [13. Select the channel letter in the list (marked with a red square). This is the email address for VeraCrypt
The subject is posted.

Note: In this guide, we have selected a channel with the letter M, but of course you can select each letter from the station.

13-step [14. Click Select File.

Step 14 [15. To select a file, go to the container file. (Which we created in steps 6 to 12) and select it. Open (internal)
File dialog)
The file dialog should be deleted.
In the next step, we return to the main VeraCrypt window.

Step 15 [16. In the VeraCrypt main window, click Mt. The password should appear for the password.

Cam 16 [17. Enter the password (which you entered in Type 10) in the Password field. (Highlight red)

Camera 17 [18. Select the PRF algorithm used to create the volume (SHA-512 is the type of PRF card used by VeraCrypt).
If you don’t mind using PRF, leave it to the test. However, the delay process will take a long time
Passwords are fine.

VeraCrypt is now trying to increase the volume. If the password is incorrect (for example, if you entered it incorrectly),
You will be notified and you must repeat the previous step (enter your password again and click OK). If the password is correct,
mounted volume.

step 18 [Pass. We only install container M as a virtual disk:

The virtual disk is encrypted (file name, including cards)
tables, free space, etc.) and works like a real disk. You can save it
(or copy, move, etc.) files on this virtual disk, etc.
encryption when you fly.

When you open a file stored in VeraCrypt volume, for example a device
player, the RM (memory) file is automatically decoded in Yes
while flying to read.

Important: remember to open files stored in Veracrypt
Internet (and copy files / files)
The password will no longer be asked. just need it
Correct the correct word by increasing the size.

You can open a middle file, for example, selecting from the list as shown on the left side (blue options) and
Then double click the selected item.

You can view the files in the middle
You are also looking for different types of names. For example, open and copy a list of computers (such as my computer)
Click on the main menu of questions asked (in this case the letter M).

So no one [can copy files (like files) and Veracrypt
Number of buses
Copying in a standard buffer (for example, Lightweight) is the same
Carry on and off duty). Read or copy DVD files
Extra files are usually included
RAM unit (memory). Also recommended
Copies of archived records are kept in the balance at the time of flight
Ram (before writing to disk).

Specifies that VeraCrypt does not display personal information on the same table
See them in brief memories. When money is available
The disk provided on the file should be copied. In the beginning
Computers or more computers, higher
Items (a.)
No.). Even if the idea is a mistake (except)
On a hard drive) all the files stored in the book are locked
It should (even if it’s hidden). She can
You need to set the tone. Repeat steps 13-18.

By cheating or playing the system, you can cut the hair and move the files stored in it.
Ask. To do this, follow these steps:

Wrap up
VeraCrypt home
The window (marked with a red arrow or high row) then
ClickDismount (marked with a red button)
At the top of the board). Follow these steps to save any audio files it receives.
You need to make a sound. Repeat steps 13-18.

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